The Benefits of a Tailor-made Safari

Despite the variations of available safari packages, sometimes an off-the-shelf safari package does not fulfill your requirements. Instead tailor-made safaris offer you opportunity to personalise your safari from the ground up, creating a safari which best suits your interests, time-frame and budget.

Such personalised safaris allow you to prioritise your needs. For some people, this could mean spending their safari searching for a rare bird species in the heart of one of Africa’s wildlife reserves. For others, it could involve visiting a local historical landmark or archaeological site.

People travelling with their families will have different requirements than couples planning a romantic wildlife safari getaway. Families on safari will want to focus on planning a trip that includes activities suitable for children, while a couple are more likely to plan stays that offer privacy and romantic extras.

Time restrictions are another factor to take into consideration. If you are passing through a destination, you might only have a short time to see the highlights and therefore you need to tailor-make your safari experience to accommodate this. For example, a Nairobi day tour explores Nairobi’s premier attractions, such as Nairobi National Park, David Sheldrick Elephant Nursery, and AFEW Giraffe Centre, in a short space of time.

Let’s talk about how travellers can benefit from tailor-made safaris.

1. Option to choose desired transportation

Planning a tailor-made safari will give you a choice to pick things such as the day of departure, time of departure, airports and airlines you want to travel on as well as the mode of transport. For those with less time, a fly-in safari might be the answer, while others might have ample time for longer car journeys. Tailor-made safaris offer you complete control of your flight and transport itinerary, thereby offering a relaxing travel experience, which fits in with your timeframe and budget.

2. Services of an expert travel consultant

Expert travel consultants assist you in planning a tailor-made safari according to your specification. Furthermore, their in-depth and practical knowledge of the safari destination helps improve your safari experience.

You can discuss your plans with your travel consultant, giving you the opportunity to offer your input. An example of this would be the travel consultant advising visitors interested in witnessing Tanzania and Kenya’s annual wildebeest migration. They’ll ask about your preferences, whether you want to visit during the wildebeest calving season or watch the river crossings. Based on the information relayed, the consultant should be able to give you a timeframe within which you should visit Tanzania or Kenya.

3. Guidance of a professional private guide

Most travel partners have safari packages that include a professional guide who will accompany you on game drives, whether that’s a driver/guide you travel with throughout your safari or the resident guides at the lodges or camps you stay at.

Planning a tailor-made safari ensures you have enough time to research and pick the perfect tour guide for your safari adventure. Perhaps you need a guide with an interest in flora, someone who is a bird enthusiast or a guide who will be happy to engage with young children. Your knowledgeable guide will be able to teach you about the local culture, take you to see hidden gems and help you spot the wildlife.


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4. Access to a private vehicle for the duration of the safari

In a traditional safari package, most activities are pre-planned with variable scope for improvisation.

With a tailor-made safari, you can arrange for a private and dedicated vehicle for the duration of the safari. It offers your greater flexibility in terms of time, routes and stops. So, instead of following perhaps a more strict itinerary for the day, you can linger around a safari highlight and enjoy it to your heart’s content.

5. Flexibility in choosing safari activities

While a regular safari offers numerous activities, some aren’t covered in an off-the-shelf safari package. Therefore creating your own tailor-made safari allows you to add in all the extra activities you want to include, for example, a hot air balloon safari, horse riding safari, sunset boat cruise, walking safari, cycling through Sri Lanka’s tea plantations or white water rafting in Kitulgala.

6. Choosing the appropriate safari accommodation

A regular safari package does not always factor in your personal choice of accommodation.

For example, on a 10-day deluxe Tanzania safari, a luxury safari, visitors are scheduled to spend their first day at Arusha Coffee Lodge, which the safari package includes. However, if you don’t want to stay at this accommodation location, you’ll have to shell out extra money to find accommodation that fits your requirements.

Also, consider the 11-day honeymoon safari & Zanzibar extension. This safari package is dedicated to newlyweds and couples interested in staying at romantic locations. But, some couples aren’t interested in the available options and might want to choose accommodations that are better suited to their tastes.

Be it camping, budget lodges, luxury villas or family-friendly accommodation – with a tailor-made safari, you can stay at your preferred choice.

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