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Russia, the world’s largest nation, borders European and Asian countries as well as the Pacific and Arctic oceans, spans eleven time zones and ends less than 85 km from North America. It has a formidable pool of recreational resources, including natural landscapes of endless variety and inimitable beauty, monuments of history and cultural heritage, unique engineering structures, and unmatched cities, towns and smaller communities

Within its vast landscapes lie the largest freshwater lake in the world, rivers and forests teeming with fish and wildlife, awe inspiring volcanoes and towering mountains. Russia's scale is simply mind boggling with enormous tracts of land and its natural and cultural heritage waiting to be discovered.

The most famous natural tourist destination in Russia is Lake Baikal, named the Blue Eye of Siberia. This unique lake, oldest and deepest in the world, has crystal-clean waters and is surrounded by taiga-covered mountains.

Other popular natural destinations include Kamchatka with its volcanoes and geysers, Kareliawith its many lakes and granite rocks, Altai with its snowy mountains and Tyva with its wild steppes as well as the Republic of Adygea for Fish Mountain, Chechnya Republic for Lake Kezenoyam and Republic of Karelia for Ruskeala.


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Quick Facts - Russia

Travel Seasons

  • Nov - Apr - Low Season. It's pretty chilly at this time of the year with snow blanketing the country creating a wintery wonderland. It's a good time for skiing and winter adventures in the snow covered forests.
  • May & Oct - Shoulder Season. Late spring and early autumn is a good time for a number of cultural events and great for travelling in the countryside. Overall this is an ideal time to visit.
  • Jun - Sept - High Season. Hot weather means everyone is on holiday. Expect higher prices and pre-book all transport. 

General Information

  • Currency - Ruble
  • Languages - Russian, English in major centres
  • Size - 17,075,200 km2
  • Population - 144,463,451 (2017 estimate)

Health and Safety

  • Travel insurance is essential for all international travel. Click below to find out more:

  • The CDC recommends the following vaccinations for Russia: hepatitis A. Check with your doctor which other vaccinations you might need and make sure your routine vaccinations are all up-to-date.

Tourist Information

Pros & Cons


  • Cities, towns and villages steeped in history
  • Ancient fortresses, palaces and churches
  • Beautiful countryside
  • Incredible train journeys


  • Large distances to travel
  • Some places are quite rustic, particularly in rural areas
  • Bureaucracy can be part of the travel experience

Travel Info

Arriving in Russia

  • Russia is very well connected with Europe and beyond by a multitude of airlines
  • Transit via Moscow or fly direct to a regional centre

Getting Around

  • The distances in Russia can be vast, but often the journey is part of the experience, for example the Trans-Siberian Express


  • Many nationalities require visas - check before you travel Russia Visas >>

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