Frequently Asked Question

Can I see page analytics on SafariDeal?

Yes you can if you upgrade your account. $12.50 per month.
This gets you:
Analytics for you pages
One mention per month on our social channels

$35 per month, all of the above, plus:
1 guest post per month

How do register as a Travel Partner?

Head over to and click ‘REGiSTER’ button. Choose the ‘REGSITER NOW’ option. Fill in all your details. Please do not use all capsa nd just your brand name (no ltd!) Once we get your registration we will quickly verify you by checking out your on-line presence.

We will then make your account live and you will have access to your company dashboard.

What information do I need to get verified?

We will require you to provide your official mobile number as well as a scanned copy of your company registration document.

How do I add Youtube videos?

Go to the YouTube channel and make sure that you are allowed to share it. Open the video and grab the full url., Paste this into the appropriate area on your dashboard. Save and check the live page.

Once my company is live what can I do?

Make sure that all the information on your travel parner page and itinerary pages is up to date, 100% correct, unique and well written. The better it looks the better it will be to inform potential clients. Add great quality photos in all the available locations. Create Google maps to give clients an idea of where they will be going. Send out a post to your social channels to let people know that you have a account with SafariDeal.

How do I get reviews?

You can reach out to your recent guests, especially the one that have already given you a review somehwere else. Send them a message something like this …
Hi [name of guest]
Thanks for travelling with us on safari in [location] in [month]. We know you had a great time becasue you have already told us so, thanks! We would really appreciate it if you could leave us a review on SafariDeal [link to travel partner page] or [link to specific itinerary] This will help us been seen by more potential clients and continue to do our good work.
Many thanks