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Located in the southern part of South America, Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world, taking up most of the southern portion of the continent. This massive country boasts an incredibly varied landscape, from the spectacular Andes, vast deserts and fiery volcanoes, to lush forests, miles of ocean shoreline and shimmering glaciers. Argentina bursts with flavour and energy, with its inviting parrillas (grill houses), rowdy futbol games, thriving nightlife and vibrant festivals. This majestic country also has over 30 beautiful national parks to explore.

The Iguazu Falls is the largest waterfall in the world; so big in fact, that it spans two countries. A chain of hundreds of waterfalls over 3 kms long, Iguazu National Park lies between Argentina and Brazil. The falls originate from the Iguazu river, which forms the boundary between the two countries. These thundering cascades can be accessed easily from both countries, with the Argentinian side involving hiking and walking safaris, while the Brazilian side offers a closer viewing point, the Devil’s Throat, a breathtakingly long, narrow chasm of water.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Los Glaciares National Park is the largest park in Argentina, located in the Austral Andes region. This icy wonderland is composed of 47 major glaciers, as well as glittering lakes, rugged mountains and subarctic forests. Here travellers can hike across the top of the famous Perito Moreno glacier, ride horses along beautiful lakes, join a safari to the Southern Patagonian Ice Cap, and explore the impressive Fitz Roy Massif. Travellers to the area can see ñandúes (Rhea bird), guanaco (a llama-like animal), cougar and South American gray fox.

Tierra del Fuego, which means ‘Land of Fire’, is an archipelago off the southernmost tip of the South American mainland. The Tierra del Fuego National Park was the first coastal national park in Argentina, and extends 630 sq km from the Beagle Channel in the south to beyond Lago Fagnano in the north. The landscape of this area varies from glacial topography and forests to snowy mountain peaks. Travellers to the park can enjoy hiking, canoe safaris, bus tours and sailing safaris. Here a variety of sea and land birds can be spotted, as well as the Red Fox, European rabbit and North American Beaver.

Travel Seasons

  • Jun – Aug – Low Season. Great for travel in the north. Certain services at beach resorts may close down. July is the local vacation month so it can be busy. Ski resorts have snow fall from June to August.
  • Sep – Nov & Mar – May – Shoulder Season. Best time to visit Buenos Aires. The Lake District has stunning leaves in March and April while in Mendoza this is grape harvet time so look out for wine festivals.
  • Nov-Feb – High Season. Dec to Feb is the ideal time to visit Patagonia, but also the most expensive. Be aware that beaches are busy from late December to January.

General Information

  • Capital – Buenos Aires
  • Currency – Argentine peso
  • Languages – Spanish, English
  • Size – 2,780,400 sq kms
  • Population – 43,847,430 (2016)

Health and Safety

  • Travel insurance is essential for all international travel. Click below to find out more:
  • The CDC recommends the following vaccinations for Argentina: hepatitis A and typhoid. Check with your doctor which other vaccinations you might need and make sure your routine vaccinations are all up-to-date.
  • Tap water is generally safe to drink but it is best to stick to bottled water.


  • Welcoming and friendly people
  • Argentina is one of the greatest eco-systems in the world
  • Wide range of landscapes to explore including 35 national parks
  • Wetland, desert, rainforest and marine bird and wildlife species
  • Fascinating cities brimming with culture and history
  • Delicious cuisine and fine wine


  • Crowds at major tourist attractions during peak times
  • Large travel distances
  • Domestic flights can be very unreliable with cancellations, delays and strikes
  • Certain areas in Buenos Aires can be unsafe

Arriving in Argentina

  • Most travellers arrive by air, usually through the main airport at Buenos Aires, Aeropuerto Internacional Ministro Pistarini (Ezeiza), which is around an hour from the city by taxi or shuttle which run frequently
  • Note that security and immigration queues can be long at Ezeiza airport so allow plenty of time to arrive and check-in
  • There are direct flights between the UK, Europe, North America, Australia and South Africa and most South American countries to Buenos Aires
  • All domestic flights are handled out of Aeroparque Internacional Jorge Newbery in Buenos Aires

Getting Around

  • There are plenty of taxis in the urban centres, but ensure you use a registered one
  • The long-distance bus network is excellent with modern, comfortable coaches
  • There are good dometic flights around the coutry, but you must book in advance during the busy season
  • Most safari itineraries include all transport arrangements


  • Visas are not required for visitors of trips up to 90 days, but check before you travel Argentina Visas >>
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