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The kingdom of Nepal is wedged between the majestic Himalayan montain range and the tropical foothills of northern India. It is an adventure travellers paradise, filled with snow capped peaks, mystical monastries and surprising wildlife encounters, offering trekking in the north and wildlife parks in the south.

Tourism is Nepal’s largest industry and source of foreign exchange and revenue. Possessing eight of the ten highest mountains in the world, Nepal is a hotspot destination for those seeking adventure and wildlife experiences. The Hindu and Buddhist heritage of Nepal and its cool weather are also strong attractions.

There are a huge number of wilderness and adventure activities for visitors to Nepal. Mountain biking, rock climbing, trekking, hiking, bird watching, scenic flights, paragliding and hot air ballooning in the mountains of Himalaya, as well as exploring the waterways by raft, kayak or canoe, and jungle safaris in the Terai region.

A major draw for those looking for a safari is the 932 sq/km Chitwan National Park, a preserved area in the Terai Lowlands of south-central Nepal, known for its biodiversity. Its dense forests and grassy plains are home to rare mammals like one-horned rhinos and Bengal tigers. The park shelters numerous bird species, including the giant hornbill. Dugout canoes traverse the northern Rapti River, home to crocodiles. Inside the park is Balmiki Ashram, a Hindu pilgrimage site.

To the east is Parsa National Park, a little smaller at 637 sq/km. The typical vegetation of the park is tropical and subtropical forest types with sal forest constituting about 90% of the vegetation. There are a small number of gaurs (Indian Bison) and data collected in Feb 2017 suggsted that there are 19 Bengal Tigers – this is fabulous as it represents a rise of 30%, year on year for the last 3 years.

Travel Seasons

  • Mar – Apr – Shoulder Season. Spring time with warm weather, stunning rhododendrons in bloom, this is the second-best time for trekking.
  • Jun – Sep – Low Season. Monsoon season with rains usually at night, landslides can occur and clouds often obscure mountain views. The least popular time to go trekking. Hotels can be heavily discounted to encourage visitors.
  • Oct – Nov – High Season. Autumn with balmy days and crystal clear visibility. This is the most popular time to trek in the Everest and Annapurna regions. Peak prices for hotels and Kathmandu often gets booked up.

General Information

  • Currency – Nepalese rupee
  • Languages – Nepali plus regional languages
  • Size – 147,200 km²
  • Population – 28.98 million (2016)

Health & Safety

  • Travel insurance is essential for all international travel. Click below to find out more:
  • The CDC recommends the following vaccinations for Nepal: hepatitis A, typhoid. Check with your doctor which other vaccinations you might need and make sure your routine vaccinations are all up-to-date.
  • Malaria is a risk in some areas – get medical advice about which prophylaxis to take.
  • The CDC recommends the following vaccinations for Nepal: hepatitis A, typhoid. Check with your doctor which other vaccinations you might need and make sure your routine vaccinations are all up-to-date.
  • Malaria is a risk in some areas – get medical advice about which prophylaxis to take.


  • Incredible wildlife including rare rhinos and tigers
  • Wide range of activities on offer
  • Sublime scenery and some of the world’s tallest peaks
  • Charming hill villages and ancient palaces
  • Fascinating Tibetan Buddhism culture


  • High season can be very busy with high prices at hotels

Arriving in Nepal

  • Most visitors fly into Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. Prepaid taxis are available inside the terminal while many of the city’s midrange hotels offer free pick-ups from the airport. If you’re getting your visa on arrival there can be long queues at immigration.

Getting Around

  • There is an excellent network of internal flights. However, many flights are cancelled and delayed due to poor visibility.


  • All visitors to Nepal require a visa. These can be easily obtained from Nepali consulates and embassies abroad prior to travel. Alternatively you get can visas at Tribhuvan Airport on arrival, but to avoid long queues complete a form in advance online and upload a digital photo (NB this must be done less than 15 days before your arrival). You can also complete the visa form at one of the automatic registration machines at the airport on arrival. Find more information and complete the online form here >>.
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