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An island located in the Indian ocean, the primary mode of transport to Madagascar is by air, and in recent times, the frequency of direct flights from select locations have increased significantly. Direct flights are available from well-known places such as Paris, Mauritius, Johannesburg, and Istanbul. When you book a safari package, make sure it also includes a flight itinerary and transportation to get around in Madagascar.

Requirements For Entering Madagascar

  • You require a valid visa for the duration of your stay in Madagascar. You can get an eVisa from Madagascar’s official website or you can get one at the airport and pay for it in cash. They accept US dollars, euros and Malagasy ariary. You can purchase a visa for a month, two months or three months.
  • A flight ticket for a return journey or onward journey is also necessary.
  • A valid passport with at least 6 months validity and 2 blank pages is required upon your arrival in Madagascar. Children of all ages need to carry a passport and Madagascar visa.
  • In case of emergencies, emergency travel documents will be accepted at the airside, entry, and exit.
  • Although Madagascar has no risk of yellow fever, visitors arriving from countries with a risk of yellow fever need to get vaccinated and provide a vaccination certificate. Even visitors who have spent more than 12 hours at an airport of a country at risk of yellow fever need to present a vaccination certificate.

Flights to Madagascar

AirlinesFlight source -> Flight destinationFrequency
Air FranceParis to Antananarivo5 flights a week
Air MauritiusMauritius To Antananarivo6 times a week
Air SeychellesMahé, Seychelles to Antananarivo2 times a week
Ethiopian AirlinesAddis Ababa to Nosy Be, Addis Ababa to Antananarivo4 times a week
Kenya AirwaysNairobi to Antananarivo2 flights a day
South African AirlinkJohannesburg to Antananarivo

Johannesburg to Nosy Be

2 flights per week
Turkish AirlinesIstanbul to Antananarivo4 times a week

Despite the number of flights increasing to Madagascar, direct flights are often only a few times a week. We have listed some of the destinations that offer direct flights to Madagascar plus the frequency.

Also, Air Madagascar provides direct flights from Marseille, Thailand, Guangzhou, Johannesburg, and the Indian Ocean Islands to Madagascar. These flights usually connect to Antananarivo airport in Madagascar.

Numerous airlines offer connecting flights from countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The prices for each differ based on their currency. An estimate for a round trip is around 500-1000 US dollars, depending on the county or city you choose to travel from.

Getting around in Madagascar

It’s likely that as s soon as you arrive, you’ll meet up with your tour guide arranged by your safari tour agency. More often than not, they have arranged transportation for your entire stay in Madagascar. Although the majority of safari agencies arrange for transportation, some don’t, in which case, you can travel through Madagascar by public/private transportation.

Cruise ships from neighbouring Islands

Apart from direct flights, cruise ships from neighbouring islands often stop at Madagascar. December to January is the cruise season when reputed cruise ship operators take visitors to Madagascar on small vessels.