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Tour Type

Tour Type

Guided, Small Group

Safari Standard

Safari Standard

Camping, Mid Range

Tour Overview

This paddling expedition takes place in the Yasuni National Park, heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon. A natural wonder and immensely diverse, it is home to many different species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Let us take you on a one-of-a-kind and off-the-beaten path adventure. Paddle in search of wildlife, hike into pristine forest, be sung to sleep by the gentle sounds of frogs and awaken to bird calls, all of this while sharing time with a local indigenous community. Help us practice sustainable travel and encourage locals to protect their environment from mining and deforestation, while booking this trip you are contributing to projects for the school of the Kichwa community. Accommodation is provided at a charming campsite in the middle of nature.

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General Information

  • Safari types:
    Camping Safari, Cultural Safari, Guided Safari, Jungle Safari, Kayak Safari, Wildlife Safari
  • You will visit:
    Amazon Basin, Yasuni National Park, Coca
  • Wildlife:
    Birds, Macaws, Toucans, Parrots, Trogons, Monk Saki Monkey, Howler Monkey, Giant Otter, Sloth, Pink River Dolphin, Caiman, Snakes, Frogs, Butterflies, Tapir, Anaconda, Peccaries
  • Activities:
    Hiking, Canoe, Kayak, Nature Walk, Birding, Fishing, Cultural Experience
  • Getting around:
    Transfer Vehicle, Canoe
  • Start/end:
    Start/end in Coca
  • Minimum age:
    8 years old


  • Explore the Yasuni National Park

  • Paddle down the Tiputini river

  • Hike in the Amazon Jungle and search for medicinal plants

  • View unique wildlife species

  • Look for parrots at the clay lick

  • Catch a piranha

  • Stay in a place surrounded by nature

  • Learn about the culture of the Amazon

  • Make organic chocolate fondue with your hands

  • Learn how to use a blowgun

  • Share time with the local Kichwa indigenous people

  • Be led by top Activexpedition experienced guides at every step you take

  • Support sustainable travel to preserve culture and nature

  • Contribute with the developing of projects for the school of the community

Price Per Person – USD

From USD 1,000 per person

What's Included

  • Accommodation for four nights
  • Meals according to the itinerary

  • Top experienced certified English-speaking guide

  • Land and water transport

  • Water and snacks
  • Water bottle

  • Paddling gear: NRS expedition kayaks, NRS paddleboards, paddles and life jackets

  • Robber boots for hiking

  • All fees to reserves and museums

What's Excluded

  • International or domestic flights

  • Airport transfers

  • Meals not mentioned in the itinerary

  • Tips for guides and drivers

  • Travel insurance (mandatory)

  • Optional activities


  • This itinerary is owned and delivered by ‘Activexpedition
  • All prices are ‘From’ and may vary at the time of booking
  • Display price is usually based on two people sharing
  • Activexpedition‘ reserves the right to change the content and price of the itinerary
  • All itineraries are subject to availability

Day by Day Overview

Our expedition begins in the city at the heart of the Amazon: Coca. After meeting up with the group we will travel by car for two hours to the upper Tiputini River. From road to river, we will hop into a canoe and continue one hour to the center of the Mandaripanga community. Upon arrival we will visit the school and share some time with the local children; always happy to welcome visitors with their games and smiling faces. In the afternoon we will kayak for about three hours down the river, looking out for wildlife that dot the riverside and water below us. With some luck we might see troops of squirrel monkeys as well as colorful birds such as toucans, macaws, flycatchers, and others. Our guides will teach us about the different species of plants that grow on the side of the river and their meaning to the local people. In the late afternoon we will arrive at the campsite and have a delicious dinner.

Overnight: Glamping
Meals included: Lunch and dinner

Ypex Day 1

Rising to the mist that gently grazes the river’s surface, we start our day with a delicious and nutritious breakfast before paddling along the river. Keep an eye out for more wildlife species that tend to make their way out at this time of day. If we are lucky, we will be able to spot a variety of birds such us trogons, quetzals, eagles, hawks, tanagers, macaws, parrots, kingfishers and others. We may also have the pleasure of happening upon tapir as this nocturnal animal likes to take a bath in the river every morning before going to sleep. After a delightful four hours of paddling we will disembark on a short ten-minute hike into a pristine forest where we will then go by canoe to a black water lagoon. Being their natural habitat, on sunny days anacondas can be found resting upon the shore. The anaconda holds special importance to the local Kichwa people who believe it be a very powerful animal embodying the spirit of a god. Here we will also have the chance to go fishing for piranha, which are an important staple in the local diet. If you are very lucky you may even be able to catch a catfish! In the late afternoon we return to the campsite.

Overnight: Glamping
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Ypex Day 2

Into the forest we go to learn about one of the most important facets of life in the jungle -medicinal plants. Throughout our two-hour hike our guides will show us the variety of plants that line the way and their meaning and use in daily life. Our next stop on our hike takes us to the Clay Lick, a mineral rich mud pit. Many animals that live in the region sustain themselves through a diet of seeds and other small plants but supplement their diets with minerals from the clay. For that reason, many animals frequent the area such as are peccaries, tapir, howler monkey and parrots. Later we go back to the campsite for lunch. In the afternoon we will visit a local indigenous Kichwa family, who will teach us about their way of living, culture and traditions. Here we will help them make chicha, a fermented beverage that is typical in the region and a staple in the lives of the people who reside here. This is also a prime opportunity to purchase handicrafts made in the village, which proceeds go to support the local families.

Overnight: Glamping
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Woolly Monkey, Lagothrix Poeppigii

Today’s adventure starts upstream on the Rumiyacu with a 45-minute canoe ride followed by a short hike to the hang out spot of local parrots. Almost daily black-headed parrots can be seen nourishing themselves through minerals from the water and mud in the area. After spending time taking in the splendid sight of these magnificent creatures, we will head back towards the Tiputini bridge and then travel by car to the city of Coca.

Overnight: Auca Hotel
Meals included: Breakfast and lunch

Ypex Day 4

Today ends our services but if you wish to stay longer, we can help you organize an extension trip to places you did not see during this week. Otherwise if you are ready to go back home after an amazing Acivexpedition we wish you safe travels.

Meals included: Breakfast

Saddleback Tamarin, Saguinus Fusciollis
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