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Ethiopia, one of the world’s most fascinating safari locations, is home to the Danakil Depression, which formed with the split of Africa and Asia millions of years ago. Danakil Depression is often referred to as the ‘cradle of humanity’ due to the paleontological evidence found in the region. It is the third lowest place in Africa and one of the lowest places on earth. Although a premier Ethiopian attraction, the depression is also the hottest place that receives scarce rainfall and is often dry. Another popular attraction, Awash National Park is known for its scenic beauty. On the park’s southern boundary is a magnificent gorge with a spectacular waterfall, and in the north, lies a dormant volcano with ragged edges.

Bahir Dar, Bale Mountains National Park, Gheralta are a few of the numerous other attractions that appeal to people. Despite all these attractions and beauty, Ethiopia has its cross to bear. Visitors should avoid making plans to visit Afder, Dollo, Fafan, Jarar, Nogob, Korah, Sitti and Shabelle zones of the Somali region as well asEthiopian borders which are riddled with landmines. If you plan a visit to the Somali region, we recommend that you should make an informed decision after speaking to knowledgeable security personnel. Meanwhile, you can go through our list of travel tips that will keep you safe on your Ethiopian Safari.

Travel Tips for Wildlife Safaris in Ethiopia

Most wildlife safaris follow the same set of rules, read the guidebook, always follow your guide’s advice, and stay within the perimeter of your accommodation. We are sharing two of our in-depth guides and tips for safari travellers.


Safety Tips for getting around in Ethiopia

  • Other than a few regions plagued with unrest, Ethiopia is quite a safe African destination to visit. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe. They will also help you enjoy your safari trip to the fullest.
  • Pack a medical bag and carry it with you. Medical facilities aren’t as easily available here as other safari destinations.
  • Give preference to guided tours. Avoid making spontaneous plans in foreign lands.
  • Safari trips take you away from materialistic things and closer to calm and peace so its highl recommended to avoid wearing unnecessary valuables.
  • Some local shops might not accept cards so you’ll have to carry money for daily expenses. Carry what you need, and don’t flaunt it.
  • Visitors should avoid going out alone if it’s possible.
  • The weather conditions in Ethiopia can be extreme with excessive rainfalls leading to floods or drought with water and food shortage so so your research and come prepared.
  • Boats in Ethiopia don’t always have life jackets. So, if you aren’t a good swimmer, consider purchasing or renting one before the trip.
  • Follow the official advice and keep up with the local media.

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