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Cameroon, a central African country on the Gulf of Guinea, is often described as “Africa in Miniature” due to its geographical and cultural diversity. Cameroon offers its visitors bountiful experiences, from a rejuvenating sojourn on its laid-back beaches and shopping trips at its bustling markets to wildlife adventures in its wildlife reserves, which are home to a wide range of scenery, flora and fauna, including gorillas and chimpanzees in the southern jungles.

This handy travel guide offers safety tips that will keep you safe as you go about your adventures in Cameroon. Although violent crime is quite rare in Cameroon, travellers should take certain precautions during their stay in the country. We have also shared additional resources, namely Cameroon travel advisories for respective countries.

Cameroon has a lot to offer its visitors, from its lush rainforests and enthralling wildlife to its colourful culture and rich artistic heritage. As long as you stay away from the outstanding border dispute areas, and are vigilant in city areas, you are bound to have a great time.

Cameroon Travel Advice for Safaris

  • Book with a reputable safari company and ensure your trip includes transport, accommodation, activities and guides. This takes the stress out of organising logistics, so you can focus on enjoying your adventures in Cameroon.
  • COVID-19, yellow fever, hepatitis A, typhoid and polio vaccinations are mandatory for people who want to visit Cameroon. Malaria is also a risk across the country so it’s very important to to take malaria prophylaxis. Refer to CDC’s recommended vaccination guide for Cameroon to find out more about vaccination requirements.
  • Always listen to your guide when driving through wildlife areas to ensure the safety of yourselves as well as the wildlife and the surroundings. In addition, guides are knowledgeable, often with interesting stories to tell and information to impart.
  • Pack the correct clothing, depending on where you are travelling in Cameroon and at what time of year, and don’t travel with too much luggage.

Cameroon Travel Advice for Cities

  • Avoid packing anything valuable, such as jewellery, high-priced camera equipment, or laptop. Only pack things that you are going to need and don’t flash expensive items. Hide them beneath your clothes or store them in your hotel safe.
  • Keep your wallet in your front pockets, and only carry limited cash that you might need to purchase souvenirs or snacks.
  • In the cities, police might check for ID, so make sure you have your passports (or a certified copy) on you at all times, as well as your yellow fever vaccination certificate.
  • Although mugging is not common in Cameroon, you should always travel with company, not wander out alone at night and avoid visiting remote locations alone.

Cameroon Travel Advice for Self Drives

  • Roads in rural regions in Cameroon are not in good condition. Roads are often affected by heavy rainfall, which results in landslides and muddy roads, making it dangerous to drive around in Cameroon during the rainy season. If you are not an experienced driver, we advise you to hire a professional guide or book a safari package that includes local transportation services.
  • You have to be over 21 years old to rent a car in Cameroon; make sure you only rent an insured vehicle and aren’t liable for any damage caused to the vehicle. In addition, check you have all the right documents for driving in Cameroon.
  • If you decide to go on a self-drive journey, avoid driving alone. On foreign roads, you should always travel in company. Avoid driving at night when both pedestrians and livestock can suddenly appear in your path.
  • Here are a few of Cameroon’s official traffic rules that will keep you safe during your self-drive adventure. In urban areas, the speed limit is 60 kph, whereas in rural and on the highway, the maximum speed is 100 kph. Both passengers in the front and rear seats need to wear seat belts in Cameroon.

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