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Tanzania happens to be one of the safest countries in East Africa and it receives its fair share of tourists, eager to get out into the premier national parks. Known for its abundant wildlife, first-rate national parks, Indian Ocean coast and easy going locals, Tanzania ticks many boxes for visitors. Even though it’s safe to travel to Tanzania, as a tourist you need to follow some rules, which will ensure that your trip to Tanzania goes without a hitch.

Below are some safety tips for your stay in Tanzania as well as the dos and don’ts on how to get about in the cities.

Tanzania Safety Tips For Safaris

  • Always follow your guide’s advice; stay in the vehicle if they say so must, do not hang your head out of the windows, never stand up in the vehicle or sit on the roof.
  • Stay with your group on a walking safari, do not wander off on your own and always walk in a single line.
  • Predators can easily track sudden movements, so do not run or jog in the wildlife park or reserves, walk at a steady pace with your group.
  • Never come between a hippo and the water; blocking their path could cause panic and the hippo might charge.
  • Pack warm clothes, sunscreen, a hat, and carry plenty of water on safari. Also, use insect repellent spray as a preventive measure against mosquitoes.
  • If you’re driving yourself on safari, ensure that your vehicle maintains a safe distance from wildlife and always park in a designated area.

Tanzania Safety Tips For Cities

As a tourist there are rules to follow in a foreign country, certain things that are normal in your home country may be illegal in others. Tanzania has a few rules and regulations for visitors that they should be aware of before they travel to Tanzania.

✔  Dos

  • Always follow your guide’s advice, especially in the cities.
  • Avoid bringing or wearing expensive jewellery in Tanzania. If necessary lock it in a hotel safe when you go out and about. The same goes for any other valuables such as cameras, phones, passports, credit cards and wallets. Carry only what is necessary and keep it out of sight or under your clothes.
  • Carry copies of important documents, such as passport and visa, in your luggage.
  • Tourists need to be vaccinated against diseases such as hepatitis A&B, meningitis, rabies, malaria, yellow fever and typhoid. Speak with your doctor and make sure all vaccinations are up to date before your trip.

✔  Don’ts

  • In Tanzania, it’s illegal to urinate in public.
  • Using, buying and selling drugs is against the country’s rules.
  • Tourists are forbidden to speak on their phones in a bank.
  • Don’t leave your luggage unattended.

How safe is Tanzania? The above Tanzania travel advice sheds light on the precautions one needs to take while visiting a foreign country. The primary thing to keep in mind is to follow the rules and keep an eye on your belongings.