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Most international visitors arrive by air into Windhoek’s international airport, Hosea Kutako, often via Johannesburg in South Africa or Frankfurt in Germany. If you are already in the region, you can self-drive or bus in from Botswana, Zambia or South Africa.

A] Requirements for Visiting Namibia

✔ A valid passport with six months validity and at least six blank passport pages.

✔ Tourist visas are mandatory for visitors except ordinary passport holders visiting Namibia from a visa-exempt jurisdiction. Check the visa exemption list to find out if you need a visa or not.

✔ Visitors from 41 countries can acquire a visa on arrival at Hosea Kutako International Airport or Walvis Bay Airport.

✔ Visitors travelling from a yellow fever endemic country need to be vaccinated against yellow fever and carry a yellow fever certificate for verification.

✔ Refer to your country’s respective travel advisories for updated information for visiting Namibia:

B] Flights to Namibia

You can refer to websites like Skyscanner to book tickets. Websites like these can help you find out more about airlines, flights, and travel restrictions.

South Africa offers direct flights from Cape Town and Johannesburg airports to Namibia. The journey usually takes two and a half hours and costs around USD 130. Apart from South Africa, there are no direct flights to Namibia from other countries.

1. Flights From United Kingdom to Namibia

Visitors can book flights from the United Kingdom to Namibia from Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, and London, usually via Johannesburg or Frankfurt. The journey from the United Kingdom to Namibia is quickest compared to other countries.

  • The shortest flight path to reach Namibia is from Bristol (UK) – Frankfurt (Germany) – Windhoek (Namibia). This journey takes approximately 14 hours.
  • Usually, it takes around 16-22 hours to reach Namibia from the UK.
  • The flight costs range from USD 500-1300.

2. Flights From United States to Namibia

Tourists can take connecting flights from one of the 12 primary cities, namely, Washington, Orlando, Tampa, San Francisco, New York, Miami, Houston, Detroit, Denver, Chicago, Boston, and Los Angeles. The duration of the flight varies based on the airline and departure city.

  • A flight from the Washington Dulles International Airport (on Ethiopian Airlines) to Namibia’s Hosea Kutako International Airport takes around 21 hours.
  • While a journey from Los Angeles takes at least 32 hours.
  • The flight ticket costs range from USD 800 to 6000 USD.

3. Flights From Canada to Namibia

Visitors can take connecting flights from Calgary, Montreal, or Toronto. Lufthansa, Brussels, and Ethiopian are a few airlines that fly to Namibia.

  • The quickest way to reach Windhoek (Namibia) is to board an Ethiopian Airlines flight from Toronto Pearson International. You’ll get to Namibia in 20 hours.
  • Flights from other cities and airlines may take around 30-32 hours.
  • The flight costs range from 700-1100 USD.

4. Flights From Australia to Namibia

Tourists need to take connecting flights from Sydney, Canberra, or Perth. Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Airlink, Emirates, and Qantas all have connecting flights to Namibia’s Hosea Kutako International Airport. The flight duration may vary based on the flight path, airline, and stops to change flight along the way. It may take from 27 to 44 hours to reach Namibia. The ticket cost ranges from USD 1000-2000.

5. Flights From New Zealand to Namibia

There is high availability of connecting flights to Namibia’s Hosea Kutako International Airport from New Zealand’s major airports.

  • Auckland Airport
  • Wellington International Airport
  • Christchurch International Airport
  • Queenstown Airport

The journey from New Zealand to Namibia can be long and tiring. Even while taking the quickest route, it may take a minimum of 32-37 hours to reach the destination. The ticket fare varies from USD 900-1500.