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Botswana is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world. It offers travellers a wide range of adventures –  to experience the amazing wildlife on a safari, to learn more about the fascinating local cultures, to discover some of the continent’s very best national parks – attracting visitors from all over the world.

How safe is Botswana? Well, the crime is pretty low in Botswana and generally, on safari you are spending your time in the wilderness well away from crime hot spots. However, you always need to remain alert about your surroundings and there are some general safety guidelines to follow on a visit to Botswana. This includes safety tips whilst on safari and when visiting towns.

Botswana Safety Tips For Safaris

Botswana has an abundant population of wild animals in its national parks and wilderness areas. When out on a game drive or walk, observing them in their natural habitats, ensure you follow these simple rules as wild animals can be unpredictable. The following list ensures both your safety and the safety of animals living in Botswana parks and reserves. You must follow the park rules and guidelines as well as your guide’s instructions while you’re on your Botswana safari tours.

✔  Dos

  • Stay inside your vehicles, leave only when the guide says it’s okay
  • On a game drive, maintain a safe distance from the animals
  • If you’re driving and the proximity of the car disturbs the animals, move the vehicle away from them
  • Speak at a lower volume when you are close to the animals
  • On walking safaris, always stay with your group, walk in single file and maintain a steady pace

✔  Don’ts

  • During the walking safari, do not run unless instructed to do so by your guide
  • Don’t leave food in your tent or room -food attracts wildlife
  • Don’t wear bright clothes or powerful perfume on safari
  • Do not park your vehicle in random areas, i.e. out of the designated areas
  • Don’t get out of the car, sit on the roof or hang out of the window

Botswana Safety Tips For Cities and Towns

  • Your guide is a valuable source of information and tips. If you aren’t travelling with a guide, ask at the hotel, they’ll make you aware of the situation on the ground
  • Avoid driving at night as some streets may be poorly lit, which increases the chance of collision with wandering wildlife
  • Avoid walking around at night, instead, take a registered taxi
  • Never carry too many valuables, keep them safely locked in a deposit box at your hotel
  • Don’t wear jewelery, but if you do, keep it out of sight and under your clothes
  • Be wary of suspicious people hanging around an ATM and find another one
  • Make sure you lock your vehicle doors and windows.
  • Don’t leave your luggage unattended

✔  Pack a few things to make the safari experience better

  • Mornings in Botswana are often cold, so carry warm clothes for game drives in open vehicles
  • Carry insect repellent spray and products as prevention against mosquitoes
  • Stay hydrated at all times, use sunscreen, don’t forget to wear a hat