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Zambia, one of Africa’s premium safari destinations, is known for its extraordinary adventures, spectacular wildlife and beautiful scenery. Take in the stunning views of Victoria Falls, enjoy breathtaking sunsets, walk amongst the wildlife in South Luangwa National Park, white-water raft down the Zambezi River.

Zambia is generally a safe place to visit and mostly free of serious crimes. However, we advise you to maintain caution and remain vigilant in your travels.

Zambia Travel Advice for Cities, Safaris and Self-drives

Zambia travel advice for cities

If you want to enjoy local cuisine and have a night or two in Lusaka or Livingstone, chat to your safari operator for recommendations of good local restaurants.

  • Like most foreign countries, it’s best to drink bottled water, unless your accommodation tells you it’s okay to drink the water from the taps.
  • Before you pack your original travel documents, make sure you take a copy of your passport, travel visa, insurance and any other important documents. On your trip to Zambia, keep your original documents safe and carry the copy on your local travels. Keep any valuables in the hotel safe.

Zambia travel advice for safaris

  • Refer to our travel guide on how to get to Zambia and the entry requirements (visa requirements etc).
  • Never walk by yourself in a national park, whether it’s from a safari vehicle or from a safari lodge/camp, always go with a guide. In other places, particularly at Victoria Falls, watch your step as rocks can be slippery at vantage points.
  • There’s a wide range of adventurous activities to enjoy in Zambia – such as white water rafting, canoeing, zip lining, bungee jumping and walking safaris – which all have strict safety guidelines you must follow.
  • To have a memorable Zambia safari experience, refer to our guide, Top Tips: What Not to Do on an African Safari. It should provide additional guidelines that will keep you safe during your travel.

Zambia travel advice for self-drives

  • Since Zambia covers varying terrains, the road conditions vary depending on the regions you drive through. The farther you move from the urban roads and highways, the rougher the roads. We caution you to drive slowly and within the speed limits.
  • The legal age for driving a car you own is 16, but the age limit for renting a car in Zambia is 23. Consider renting a 4WD vehicle. These are best for driving on dirt roads, especially during the wet season. Most rural roads might wash away and remain inaccessible during the rainy season, so make enquiries before heading out.
  • While renting a car, make sure it is updated with the latest GPS map of the region. It should cover not only the urban roads, but also the off-road tracks. Also, ask for a printed map which should help you have all the required resources at hand.
  • In Zambia, you drive on the left-hand side of the road. It is required by law for the vehicle passengers in both front and back seats to wear a seat belt.
  • You’ll come across quite a few roadblocks and police checkpoints in Zambia. They are common. Speak in a respectful tone with officers. They are friendly and will respond similarly. They’ll enquire about your documents and check your vehicle.
  • While the speed limit for rural regions and highways is 100kph, it is 50-60 kph for urban roadways. Despite the 100 kph speed limit in the rural regions, you have to keep an eye out for wandering pedestrians and animals. The poor conditions of lighting might impede driving on these roads. If you are caught speeding, you’ll be asked to pay a fine. The fine amount should match the official fine in the police book and don’t forget to get a receipt for the fine you pay.

Emergency contact numbers and codes

We are sharing a few emergency contact numbers and codes that you can use to reach out to the appropriate department if you encounter a problem during your stay in Zambia.

  • Police and ambulance: 991
  • Emergency: 999
  • Fire brigade: 993
  • International operator: 090
  • National telephone operator: 100

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