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Specialists in North East India and Morocco, we have partnerships with local experts on the ground, and arrange small group adventures through little explored regions. We believe that our friends and partners living in North East India and Morocco are the very best people to lead you on your holiday. We work directly with them, removing any need to engage large, international, profit-focused organisations. In this way, we keep down the cost of your trip and directly help local people to benefit.

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Our company works exclusively with local guides and tour operators. Our company is founded upon the strength of our personal relationships with some of the best local guides in North East India and Morocco who were born in the region, passionately love the area and know it intimately. We know, trust and respect every one of them through our own experiences of trekking and touring with them as our own guides on our own expeditions. We believe that this intimacy, in conjunction with our own ethos and who we are, ensures that we stand apart from other companies in being able to provide you with the most personalised trekking and touring experiences.

Based in the south of England, we first visited Morocco in 1979 and then India in 1987 and have continued to return to both often. We founded our company because we love trekking and touring in the remote, unspoiled regions of these two fabulous countries. We are passionate about wanting to help others to enjoy wonderful times here as we ourselves continue to do.


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