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Self Drive Guide Botswana is the online brand of Faona Legacy, which offers logistic support and guiding services to self-drive travellers. Our business is borne from our passion and dedication to make traveling to Botswana easy, affordable and fun. Our focus is mainly self-drive guiding and support for  pre-arranged tours, set departures custom packages and tailor made self-drive safaris. 

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About Us

We believe that self-drive travelers in rented vehicles face a lot of logistic support challenges and spend time map reading while missing out on sightings while traveling in Northern Botswana. Exploring at your own pace with a GPS can be very challenging in different seasons for each area; floods season, local knowledge of wildlife sightings and movements, condition of roads between places. We passionately believe the self-drive guest should not miss out the fun of old authentic safari and the way to do this is to go on a guided self-drive safari.

Self-Drive Guest Logistic Support

  • Campsite and Lodge Reservation
  • Rental Car Reservation
  • National Parks and Game Reserves Permit Reservation
  • Internal Charted Scenic Flights Reservation
  • Shopping Logistic
  • Rental Car Hand Over and Receiving
  • Meet and Greet services
  • 4 x 4 Self Recovery Demo
  • Camp Assistant & Cook
  • Camp Set Up Demonstrations
  • GPS Route Planning

Self Drive Guide Botswana

  • Botswana
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