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As a social enterprise, we’re all about the community, the wildlife, tourism and travel, thus promoting sustainable tourism through community and conservation


Red Rocks Cultural Centre is located near Volcanoes National Park, 7 km outside central Musanze Town, in Northern Rwanda. Our vision is to bring together Tourism, community and conservation, by supporting training, capacity building, environmental protection, nature conservation, and promotion of good practice and preservation of our cultural heritage to benefit the community through tourism activities and enhance the conservation process of the Mountain Gorillas. We host regular Red Rocks community events, celebrating a range of wonderful Rwandan traditions. This includes sharing tips on banana beer production, hosting art festivals or immersing ourselves in
Rwandan folklore, evolving into a social enterprise that facilitates a wide range of activities for tourists. These, in turn, directly drive social-economic development for the local communities residing on the
slopes of the Volcanoes National Park.

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Red Rocks Rwanda

Nyakinama Road, Musanze Polytecnic, Nyakinama, Rwanda
  • Rwanda
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