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KiliTwende Adventures is a company wholly owned by indigenous Tanzanians. After many years working for other companies as mountain and safari guides, they sought out an independent approach to further support themselves, advance their professions and enable visitors to experience their remarkable country.

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Our focus is organizing tours with an ethical approach and inspirational holidays which offer enriching experiences for the traveller, as well as benefiting the indigenous people, wildlife and conservation efforts and Tanzania as a whole.

Our holidays are mainly tailor-made and we cover the whole of Tanzania as a destination, be it a wildlife safari to the country’s 15 national parks, a trekking adventure up peaks such as Mount Kilimanjaro, journeying to the chimpanzees in Mahale and Gombe National Parks, a walking safari with a Maasai tribesman in the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands, cultural tours or beach holidays, we have an experience for you! We maintain good relations with the accommodation facilities and can arrange for reservations at these places.

KiliTwende Adventures is your Tanzanian travel experience all under one roof. Come and experience safe and fun adventures with us.

KiliTwende Adventures

P.O. Box 2122 Moshi, Tanzania
  • Tanzania
Ngorongoro crater


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