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Jawai Wild Camp is laocted in the Indian village of Doodni, in the heart of wilderness at the bottom of the Aravali Mountains Jawai Leopard Conservation Reserve. This area is a haven for wildlife and is entirely isolated from urban life, giving you exposure to the real wilderness and its wildlife.

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The Camp

Jawai Wild Camp’s remote location provides a truly rural experience with fantastic views of wildlife from your own private deck off your tent. At the same time you feel safe and secure with our highly experienced forest-rangers, who are watching the periphery of camp 24×7.

The fully furnished comfortable luxury tents have all the amenities including attached bathroom while the home grown produce food served here creates a homely atmosphere together with the excellent staff team and their tremendous service abilities.

The Wildlife

  • A leopard safari is the central attraction, enriching you with a profound sense of regional wildlife when you see leopards wandering together on the dramatic, granite hills of Aravali mountain range.
  • Around the camp are more than 100 species of migratory birds and residential birds such as Siberian birds, pelicans and many species of crane’s as well as sand grouses, raptors, quails and francolins.
  • At the Jawai dam constructed across Jawai river visitors can capture glimpses of various species of crocodiles and birds on nature trails.
  • The arid forest with its unique ecosystem harbours 480 species of plants including 107 trees, 55 shrubs, 215 herbs, 45 climbers, 40 grasses and 15 species of lower plants.
  • Animals found here include leopard, jungle cat, sloth bear, reptiles, wild boar, jackal, Indian wolf, hyena, Indian porcupine, rhesus macaque, hare, nilgai antelope, langur monkey, bluebull, amphibians, crocodiles, turtles and more.

Jawai Wild Camp

  • India
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