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Based in Arusha, the gateway to Tanzania’s famous national parks, Hongera Tanzania Safaris grew up out of local Tanzanian’s passion and expereince. A socially responsible adventure travel company, Hongera Tanzania Safaris offers highly personalized safaris and treks giving a unique window into the landscape, wildlife and culture of this extraordinary region. Whether you are looking for a wilderness experience, special honeymoon safari or a trek to Africa’s highest peak, we’ll work with you to create unforgettable adventures.

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Hongera is Swahili for “Congratulation”. We know planning a trip to Tanzania is a huge decision and we never take it for granted. Knowing that our country overflows with world class activities, we congratulate each and every one for this huge decision and here is where we drew our inspiration from.

We want you to enjoy the wonderful travel experiences that inspired us to start Hongera. To do this, we take the stress and hassle out of your adventure. If you lose something on the way here, we’ll find a replacement. If your baggage is delayed, we’ll send it to you on safari or up the mountain. We are constantly scouring Tanzania to monitor the quality and standards of your accommodation, ensuring you have the best possible options.

Hongera Tanzania Safaris offers a range of the best possible luxury, standard and budget safari accommodation to suit your budget. We can also combine luxury and standard safaris; or include a few lodge nights during a budget camping safari. Hongera will take care of all your safari needs; from mountain to savannah to white sand beaches, there are a thousand ways to make your own personal Tanzanian adventure, and this is where Hongera Tanzania safaris comes in to make your dream a reality.

Talk to us about your Tanzanian dream tour and we will work together to make it come true.

Hongera Tanzania Safaris

PO Box 15798, Arusha, Tanzania
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