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Tour Type

Guided, Large Group, Small Group

Safari Standard

Safari Standard

Mid Range

Tour Overview

A 12-day birding and butterfly safari that explores three of Ghana’s southern forest reserves and offers a chance to see some of west Africa’s most endangered species. Make your way deep into the pristine rainforest in search of an array of wildlife, ranging from small antelope, rare crocodiles, endangered bats and elusive rodents. A true jungle safari that will allow you to connect with nature as you hike up the hills on your quest to uncover some of the magnificent animal and bird life in the region. Enjoy a stunning canopy walk in the Kakum National Park, a visit to the Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary and go on a 4×4 trip into the Ankasa Reserve. A truly magical experience that is sure to add a variety of rare and unique sightings to your list.

General Information

  • Safari types:
    Birding Safari, Guided Safari, Wildlife Safari
  • You will visit:
    Kakum National Park, Ankasa Reserve, Shai Hills Reserve
  • Wildlife:
    Birds, Crocodile, Civet, Red River Hog, Baboon, Monkey
  • Activities:
    Game Viewing, Walking Safari, Birding, Canopy Walk/Tower
  • Getting around:
    Transfer Vehicle, 4x4 Vehicle
  • Start/end:
    Start/end in Accra

Price Per Person – USD

From USD 2,245 per person


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Day by Day Overview

You will be met by one of our representatives at Kotoka International Airport in Accra and taken to your hotel. After receiving a short briefing about the following days activities you will be able to relax and enjoy the remainder of the day and prepare for the start of your journey.

Overnight at Alexis Hotel

In the morning you will begin your safari by making your way to Shai Hills in the hopes of seeing the many bird species that inhabit the hills, including the violet turaco and Senegal parrot however the main attraction today is the mauritanian tomb bat. We will explore the reserve in search of the olive baboon and red-fronted duiker, which make up some of the beautiful wildlife in the park. Later you will have some lunch before heading off to Kakum National Park, arriving in the evening. You will have the option of setting off into the forest before or after your meal in search of the potto duikers and pangolins.

Overnight at Rainforest Lodge

After an early breakfast you will make your way into Kakum National Park to reach the canopy walkway before first light. This is the best time for bird viewing and allows you to see the birds from 40 meters above the forest floor. The forest is semi-deciduous tropical rainforest and is home to an impressive array of bird life including the violet-backed hyliota, the chestnut-capped flycatcher and the black-collard lovebird. We will also be looking for the many butterfly and monkey species that inhabit the trees. After an exciting morning you will head back to the lodge for lunch. Relax and head to the bar and pool before enjoying an afternoon nap. In the evening you will make your way back to the canopy walkway to search for the endangered olive colobus, lowes mona, Geoffrey’s pied colobus and lesser spot-nosed monkeys. You may also find the long-tailed pangolin during your time in the forest while searching for some of the nocturnal birds before heading back to camp.

Overnight at Rainforest Lodge

Dedicate the next two days searching the reserve and its surrounds for a host of fascinating animals and bird life. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the common cusimanse, bush babies and tree hyraxs. You may also see the giant pouched rat and the royal tree pangolin. Make your way across the park as you search for these elusive animals, seeing stunning birdlife throughout the day in this lush forest.

Overnight at Rainforest Lodge

In the morning you will make your way back into the forest, spending the day exploring as you search for more of the wired and wonderful wildlife that inhabit it. Discover more mammals, rodents and butterflies among the multitude of birds including the Johanna’s sunbirds, the orange-cheeked waxbill and the Ayre’s hawk eagle to mention a few. Later you will make your way back to the camp after an amazing day for a delicious dinner and a chance to update you sightings list.

Overnight at Rainforest Lodge

Another early start as you make your way towards the Ankasa Reserve. Make stops along the Brenu Akyinim beach road in search of the slender mongoose and ground striped squirrel. Head to Takoradi for an en-route lunch before setting off again for Ankasa. The reserve is a pristine wetland and is home to a remote forest, helping protecting some of the wonderful bird and mammal species that inhabit it. We arrive in the late afternoon and then make your way to your choice of basic guesthouse or forest campsite, each with all the modern amenities needed. Enjoy an evening walk in this beautiful habitat as you search for some of the nocturnal inhabitants, including the African palm civit. Enjoy the remainder of the evening with some dinner.

Overnight at Guesthouse or Campsite

Enjoy an exceptional day in the Guinea rainforest beginning with an early morning walk in search of the many creatures that you can find here. If you are lucky you may see the bongo, although they are rare. You may also have the chance of seeing the red river hog. Use the 4×4 to head deeper into the forest in search of more secluded areas to see what you can find before heading back to camp.

Overnight at Guesthouse or Campsite

Today you will enjoy another early morning forest walk as well as an evening walk. Search for the many bat species, most notably the hammer bat. You may also see the rare dwarf crocodile in one of the many waterholes during your hike while also searching for many of the magnificent birds. Head back to your camp in the evening after a successful day of wildlife viewing for a hearty meal.

Overnight at Guesthouse or Campsite

Your guide will be up early, listening for the unmistakable call of the Nkulengu rail. If he locates the bird he will alert the group before breakfast. Later you will head deeper into the lush forest for a full day of birding as you search for the hartlaubs duck, dwarf bittern and the blue-breasted kingfisher. You may also see a long-tailed hawk and Congo serpent eagle. As you look for the many birds in the reserve you are likely to see some squirrels, including the kintampo rope squirrel. You will then spend the evening at camp, enjoying some good food as you discuss the days birding over a cold refreshing drink.

Overnight at Guesthouse or Campsite

Enjoy your final morning of birding and game viewing in this magnificent location as you target the species you have yet to see. After a full morning of searching, you will set off back towards Kakum National Park with an en-route lunch at Takoradi. Revisit the Brenu Akyinim before sunset and then head back to the Rainforest Lodge for the evening and enjoy a hearty meal as you update your list.

Overnight at Rainforest Lodge

Today is a special day as you make your way to the yellow-headed picathartes nesting site. First you will enjoy a full morning of birding in the Abrafo Forest with some excellent sightings before heading north. Stop for an en-route lunch before arriving at a remote village close to the Guinea rainforest in Ashanti. Make your way into the forest to see the nesting sites, all of which we are proud to help protect from illegal hunting and logging. We are currently sponsoring 24 forest community committee members to patrol and help stop the illegal activities in the area. Arrive at one of the nesting sites for a chance to see these spectacular birds as you try to contain your excitement. Make your way to your hotel in the evening with your amazing stories of the day.

Overnight at Royal Basin Hotel

Enjoy your final morning of the trip in the Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary for your final chance to add some of the spectacular birds and butterflies you have not yet seen to your list. Later you will head back to Accra after an amazing birding safari, stopping for an en-route lunch. Enjoy your final dinner in Accra before heading back to the airport to catch your flight home.

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