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Tour Type

Guided, Large Group, Small Group

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Safari Standard

Mid Range

Tour Overview

An exciting birding safari that takes you to some of the remotest forests in Ghana for the chance to experience the untouched wilderness and discover some of west Africa’s rarest birds. Make your way to the famous Kakum National Park for a canopy walk that sees you spotting 40 meters above the forest floor and watching the birds, butterflies and monkeys at eye level. Visit the nesting sites of the yellow-headed picathartes and the Egyptian plover and head into the spectacular Mole National Park for the chance to see elephant and the beautiful roan antelope. An amazing safari that offers unique bird and game viewing set in magnificent landscapes that will capture your heart.

General Information

  • Safari types:
    Birding Safari, Guided Safari, Wildlife Safari
  • You will visit:
    Kakum National Park, Mole National Park, Accra, Ankasa Reserve, Bolgatanga, Atewa Forest Reserve, Shai Hills Reserve
  • Wildlife:
    Birds, Elephant, Waterbuck, Roan Antelope, Patas Monkey, Crocodile
  • Activities:
    Nature Walk, Birding, Canopy Walk/Tower
  • Getting around:
    Transfer Vehicle, 4x4 Vehicle
  • Start/end:
    Start/end in Accra

Price Per Person – USD

From USD 2,995 per person


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Day by Day Overview

You will be met by one of our representatives at Kotoka International Airport in Accra and taken to your hotel. After receiving a short briefing about the following days activities you will be able to relax and enjoy the remainder of the day and prepare for the start of your journey.

Overnight at Alexis Hotel

In the morning you will begin your birding safari by making your way to Shai Hills in the hopes of seeing the many bird species that inhabit the hills, including the violet turaco and Senegal parrot. Later in the morning you will head to Sakamona Lagoon as you search for more beautiful birds before making your way to Kakum National Park via Accra, stopping for an en-route lunch. Enjoy some fantastic bird spotting in the Winneba Plains before making your way to Jukwa for the evening.

Overnight at Rainforest Lodge

After an early breakfast you will make your way to Kakum National Park to reach the canopy walkway before first light. This is the best time for bird viewing and allows you to see the birds from 40 meters above the forest floor. The forest is semi-deciduous tropical rainforest and is home to an impressive array of bird life including the violet-backed hyliota, the chestnut-capped flycatcher and the black-collard lovebird. After an exciting morning of birding, head back to the lodge for lunch. Relax and explore the grounds or head to the bar and pool. You will have the option of going on a cultural excursion to the Cape Coast Castle should you wish and later head back to the canopy walk in the late afternoon for an evening of birding in search of more birds including some of the owls.

Overnight at Rainforest Lodge

Another early start to visit the Antwikwaa section of Kakum National Park in the hopes of adding more birds to your growing list of sightings. If you are lucky, the African finfoot may make an appearance. In the afternoon you will head down some of the many trails within and surrounding the park on a guided bird walk. Remain in the park until dark in hopes of seeing more owls and nightjars before returning to the lodge for dinner and to update your birding notes.

Overnight at Rainforest Lodge

In the morning you will make your way to the forest trails at Abrafo just outside Kakum National Park. Enjoy some birding before the heat picks up and you return to the lodge for lunch. Spend some time at the pool and enjoy an afternoon nap before checking out of the hotel and heading to Brenu Akyinim and the coastal Savannah plains. There are some special species that can be found in the area including the yellow-winged pytillia, Wilsons indigobird and African wattled lapwing.

Overnight at D&A Guesthouse

Make your way to Nsuta Forest, a beautiful bird haven sure to enhance your list and overall bird watching experience. Keep your eyes peeled for the many sunbirds and the buff-spotted and little green woodpeckers. In the afternoon you will head to Ankasa Reserve, an amazing park for birding. The reserve is home to an pristine evergreen rainforest and due to its remote location, provides exceptional sightings. Stay in a stunning tented camp with all the modern amenities and comforts, allowing you to truly enjoy being so deep in the forest. Head out for an early evening of birding in the hopes of seeing Fraser’s and Akun eagle owls. Your guide will also be looking for the legendary Nkulengu rail, which one of our previous clients was the first person to ever get a picture of. Spend the rest of the evening at your camp, enjoying being at one with nature.

Overnight at Ankasa Reserve Campsite

Your guide will be up early, listening for the unmistakeable call of the Nkulengu rail. If he locates the bird he will alert the group before breakfast. Later you will head deeper into the lush forest for a full day of birding as you search for the hartlaubs duck, dwarf bittern and the blue-breasted kingfisher. You may also see a long-tailed hawk and Congo serpent eagle. You will then spend the evening at camp, enjoying some good food and discuss the days birding over a cold refreshing drink.

Overnight at Ankasa Reserve Campsite

Enjoy your final morning of birding in this magnificent location as you target the species you have yet to see. After a full morning of searching, you will return to camp for lunch and then head back towards Kakum National Park. Arrive back at the Rainforest Lodge for the evening and enjoy a hearty meal as you update your list.

Overnight at Rainforest Lodge

Today is a special day as you make your way to the yellow-headed picathartes nesting site. First you will enjoy a full morning of birding in the Abrafo Forest with some excellent sightings before heading to the north. Stop for an en-route lunch before arriving at a remote village close to the Guinea rainforest in Ashanti. Make your way into the forest to see the nesting sites, all of which we are proud to help protect from illegal hunting and logging. We are currently sponsoring 24 forest community committee members to patrol and help stop the illegal activities in the area. Arrive at one of the nesting sites for a chance to see these spectacular birds as you try to contain your excitement. Make your way to your hotel in the evening with your amazing stories of the day.

Overnight at Royal Basin Hotel

After an early breakfast you will set off for the Offinso Forest, located between the southern wetland forests and the drier northern woodland habitat. The forest is home to various beautiful species. Enjoy some quality birding, including sightings of the bioko batis, the rufous-sided broadbill and the capuchin babbler. Later you will make your way to Mole National Park, Ghana’s premier wildlife reserve, stopping for an en-route lunch. On the road you can see many bird species including the grasshopper buzzard and the yellow-billed kite. Arrive at the park that protects 4,847 square kilometres of pristine wilderness and is home to almost 100 species of mammal and more then 330 bird species. Head to the hotel, offering beautiful views of the reserve and a large watering hole which gives you the opportunity to see some elephants and crocodiles. After your evening meal you will set off for an evening of birding around the airstrip in search of some standard-winged nightjars and white-faced scops owls.

Overnight at Mole Motel

Mole National Park is a real nature lover’s paradise and you are in for a real treat over the next two days as you immerse yourself in the exceptional bird and game viewing. Search for Pigmy and western violetbacked sunbirds, lavender and orange-cheeked waxbills and the white-shouldered black tit to name a few. Make sure you keep your eyes open for the rufous-rumped lark as well. Make your way back to the hotel for the evening.

Overnight at Mole Motel

Today you can enjoy some game viewing in the park, searching for bushbuck, waterbuck and the beautiful roan antelope. Enjoy a guided bush walk and be greeted by some green vervet and patas monkeys. Head back to the hotel for lunch and an afternoon nap before heading out for a late afternoon of birding, staying out till dark in the hopes of seeing some more of the nocturnal species including the Pel’s fishing owl. Return to the hotel in the evening for a relaxed dinner and drinks.

Overnight at Mole Motel

Enjoy your final morning of birding in the park as you try to spot the birds that have eluded you. Later you will head to Bolgatanga in the eastern region of Ghana. You will have the option of stopping at the Larabanga Mosque for the opportunity to take some beautiful photographs. The mosques were built in a traditional Sudanese style and date back to the 14th century and houses one of the original copies of the Koran. Arrive in Tamale and enjoy a tasty lunch before continuing to the beautiful Tongo Hills. Enjoy some beautiful birding before making your way to your hotel for the evening, reflecting on your exciting day.

Overnight at Premier Hotel

Today you set out to see another major highlight of the trip, the beautiful Egyptian plover. We help protect the birds by providing work for some of the locals in the area to monitor the species so we can help ensure their continued breeding success. In the past the locals would destroy the nests and take the eggs which can now be avoided by providing them with an income. We hope to also see the chestnut-bellied and purple glossy starlings, African mourning dove and the zebra waxbill. After some lunch at the hotel, you will head out to Tono Dam to see some of the water birds in the area, including the spur-winged goose amongst many others. Later you will return to the hotel for a relaxed evening and a chance to update your birding list.

Overnight at Premier Hotel

Today is mostly filled with travel as you make your way back south towards Kumasi. Depending on what bird species you have not been able to see, you may want to revisit the Offinso Forest. Later you will make your way to the Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary for an evening of birding before heading to your hotel for the evening.

Overnight at Royal Basin Resort

An early start as you set off into the Guinea rainforest habitat in hopes of seeing magpie mannakins and Narina’s trogons amongst many others. Later you will make your way to Atewa, stopping for an en-route lunch. After some rest and relaxation, you will head into the farmland bush in search of the Baumann’s greenbul and the bat hawk before checking in to your guesthouse for the evening.

Overnight at Nelsban Palace Hotel

The Atewa Forest is home to numerous critically endangered and rare bird species. Enjoy a half day of birding as you search for some of these amazing creatures. Today you will head out on a guided walk to the Atewa Range with a packed lunch, ensuring you get as much time as possible in the reserve. You will be looking for the red-fronted antpecker, nimba flycatcher, crowned eagle and the brown-chested alethe. Later make your way back to the hotel before heading back to Accra for an early dinner and then making your way to the airport.

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