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Safari Standard


Tour Overview

Are you looking to get the best cycling adventure out of your holiday excursion in Zambia, the land of welcoming and friendly people? Then take this all-in-one enriching, exciting and fun filled mixed bicycling/vehicle travel experience of once-in-a-life-time guided tour opportunity here in Zambia, from Lusaka to Livingstone (485 kms). There are loads of exciting activities planned, you will eat the most delicious meals and you will see places that you would not normally see if you were to do a self-guided cycling tour. We will provide you with a very good and strong brand of bicycle capable of withstanding any conditions on the journey. We will provide 100% technical support and attend to any problems the bicycle might develop along the way! 
Hippo Big
Lusaka International Airport Sign
Mana Pools Hippo

General Information

  • Safari types:
    Cycle Safari, Guided Safari, Wildlife Safari
  • You will visit:
    Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, Victoria Falls, Livingstone, Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, Lusaka
  • Wildlife:
    Big Five, Birds, Antelope, Zebra, Hippo, Crocodile, Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Hyena, Wild Dog, Jackal, Sable, Impala, Warthog, Rhino, Lechwe, Wildebeest, Vervet Monkey, Baboon
  • Activities:
    Game Drive, Walking Safari, Nature Walk, Sightseeing Tour, Birding, Cultural Experience, Well Being
  • Getting around:
    4x4 Safari Vehicle, Transfer Vehicle, Bicycle
  • Start/end:
    Start in Lusaka, end in Livingstone
  • Minimum age:

Why you'll love this trip - it's incredibly amazing!

Zambia is often referred to as ‘The Real Africa because of its natural beauty and thrilling wildlife. You will cycle at total of 243.2kms/151.11 mi on tarmac roads with short deviations on good dusty roads. For the remainder of the 241.8 kms/150.24 mi of the journey, you will be driven in a comfortable air-conditioned service vehicle on a good tarmac as well.  
Achieving Travel sustainability is our Goal. We aim to provide you with top-notch laid back mixed cycling/vehicle travelling experience of a life time. In this tour, we support the local economy by undertaking activities that benefit the local environments and communities in which we work.
All are welcome! Seasoned riders, amateur cyclist or mere pleasure seeking travelers and tourists shouldn’t miss out on this do-it-all cycling tour. 
Protecting the environment
We are committed to undertaking sustainable travel on this cycling tour to ensure that nature and cultural environments are well protected under the “Take photos and leave your footprints Only” theme. You will explore the majestic landscapes and visit some heritage sites whilst travelling from Lusaka to Livingstone, the tourist capital city of Zambia. Exciting water and nature based activities that also includes cultural excursions, game viewing, hiking, birdwatching and many other interesting activities awaits you on this tour. 
Mighty Victoria Falls
Of course you will visit and tour the Smoke That Thunders, otherwise known as Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. This impressive waterfall reaches 108 meters in height and over 1,700 meters in width, making it one of the world’s largest waterfalls. 
Meet an African Traditional Chief and  interaction with locals at its finest
To crown it all, you will go off road for a day, driven in our service vehicle to meet one of Zambia’s charismatic Chieftainess Mwenda of the Batonga people at her Palace in Chikankanta district. Chieftainess Mwenda of the Basanje clan of the Tonga tribe is a Healthy and Gender activist who mostly champions this noble cause in rural areas. She presides over the affairs of her people with the help of the traditional councils of senior village headmen and some local civic leaders. 
Cultural respect: As per Zambian culture, you will be expected to cover your legs and arms during visits to the Chief’s Palace and to the various traditional villages. A traditional leg round wrapper material (locally known as Chitenge) will be super fine for you to stand in the presence of HRH Chieftainess Mwenda.
Sustainability : Investing in local communities
An exciting evening of cultural entertainment and eating local traditional food. 
• At Chikankata rural village, you will enjoy an exciting evening of traditional and cultural entertainment activities where local villagers will perform.  This will be done around a massive bonfire as the only source of lighting and warmth. You will listen to legendary stories of local villagers to learn about their unique culture and tradition.
Narration: *By doing this activity on a regular basis, we promote local customs to continue being done in these remote villages which leads to the creation of employment opportunities for local people.
• You will eat some traditional foods that will have been prepared by the women folk of the village. This initiative will support local women empowerment in Chikankanta village.
Coffee Tour
At the foot of the Munali pass, there is a successful family run coffee farm popularly known as Munali Coffee Farms. You will do a 2 – 3 hours’ coffee tour and get to hear the story behind the success of Munali Coffee Farm (terms and condition apply, kindly read below). 
Sunset Boat Cruise
This coffee tour is not available during the off coffee season between October – March every year.  
**Should you miss the Coffee Tour, you will do an exciting sunset boat cruise in Livingstone towards the end of the Munali cycling tour.
Awesome Game Drive and Rhino Walk
This cycling trip includes a game drive and Rhino walk in Mosi-oa-tunya National Park in Livingstone towards the end of the tour. Then you will have done almost all the activities that there is to be done on a tour of Zambia.
Farewell Dinner
To celebrate the end of the exciting 13 day’s Munali cycling tour, a mouthwatering, delicious farewell dinner at a classic restaurant will be hosted for you and teammates in Livingstone. 
 This leisure Munali cycling tour is available throughout the year. It is offered twice in a week on every Wednesdays and Sundays starting off from the same Cosmopolitan Mall venue. The minimum number of participants is 2 and maximum is 15. Private tours are also available and the minimum number of participants is 6.
Customization: Should you wish; you may request that this cycling tour be customized to suit your desires or personal circumstances.
Your Safety is our number one priority!
Zambia is safe for travelers and tourists to travel around the entire country freely. At most you will never feel threatened in any way during this Munali cycling tour excursion. All our tours are conducted only during daylight and you will also wear an outer reflective vest so that other road users are able to easily see you. Local people are very friendly, polite and welcoming to tourists.  Chances are you will come across people cheering you to persevere on your cycling tour.
Why we are unique!
The entire crew of this cycling tour are indigenous Zambians born and breed in the same areas you will be cycling through. They possess in-depth area knowledge and strong social bond with the community you will be visiting. This gives you the assurance of your personal safety being in safe hands and guaranteed. So you will simply focus on peddling only and enjoying the scenery along the way with total peace of mind.
None cycling zones
For safety and security reasons, we have designated certain areas along the T-2 and T-1 Livingstone tourism route as no cycling zones (NCZ). This is not to say that Zambia is not safe for cycling. Not at all! Unfavorable conditions for cycling and poor state of the roads in these areas was the main determining factor in declaring them as no cycling zones. This means that you will not cycle through these areas designated as none cycling zones.  You will be driven in our service support vehicle through these NCZ areas up to a safe point for you to continue cycling. 
Recommendation: Buying a stand-alone bicycle insurance policy is an important consideration for you to protect yourself in case of injury.  Please counsult your insurance company how will advise you on the best insurance policy to purchase.
Departure is Guaranteed
We do not wait for tour seats to fill up to the required number. All our departure dates on this tour are 100% guaranteed to take off on the stated date regardless of the number of people that have booked. 
The set base default arrangement is “Group Tour Arrangement” where other people will join you in this safari tour. Please take note that the official mode of communication for this tour is English. 
We guarantee you a unique and exciting Lusaka to Livingstone cycling/vehicle experience with numerous breaks in between to enjoy delicious meals. 
Travel itinerary; Official route and stop stations
The Kafue T-2 main road which runs from Lusaka to Turnpike turn off route and the T-1 Livingstone are the official cycling routes for this trip. The T1 begins in Chikankata District, at the Turnpike junction with the T2 road (Great North Road) just south of the Kafue River Bridge. These two major roads are scenic road with beautiful views throughout for your maximum tour pleasure and enjoyment.
Level of activity of  T-1 and T-2 roads
They two are busy routes plied mostly by commercial heavy trucks and other international traffic. This traffic is mostly coming from neighboring countries travelling to Lusaka. From Lusaka, this traffic continues to the north and east, including to Tanzania, Malawi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Off dusty gravel roads: (a) You will travel by vehicle covering 1.8 km a dusty road from the T-1 tarmac to reach Kafue Riverview Lodge. 
(b) You also cover 32 kms by vehicle on the gravel road off T-1 road when going to Chikankata mission to visit Chieftainess Mwenda.
© You will travel by vehicle to cover 400 meters off the tarmac road to reach Samu Lya Moomba heritage site in Monze 
Overall these two major cycling routes are extremely familiar territory for us. There are no wild animals or any form of danger along this route and never at given point in time will you get lost.

Summary fact sheet of the cycling tour
Pace: Moderate: 9-14km/hour
Terrain: The terrain of Zambia is mostly high plateau, with some hills and mountains; 98% tarmac, 2% gravel road 
Total cycling distance: 243.2kms/151.11 mi
Total distance travelled in service vehicle: 241.8 kms/150.24 mi

Cooperate Social Responsibility (CRS) – Educating The Girl Child
We share and support the aspirations of Chieftainess Mwenda of promoting Health and  Gender principles in her community. From income earned from this tour, we contribute some money towards Chieftainess Mwenda’s  Health and  Gender principle programs. We specifically request HRH Chieftainess Mwenda to identify vulnerable girls in her community and assist in buying school requirements for them on a recurring basis.
Malaria Risk – How to Protect Yourself Against Malaria.
Zambia is a high malaria risk country throughout the whole nation including urban areas. The highest risk of infection is in the rainy season, from November to May.  Persons visiting Livingstone and Victoria Falls must take malaria suppressive medication. In addition to the suggested antimalarial medication, use a mosquito bed net and effective repellents to avoid the bite of the nocturnal Anopheles mosquito whilst on tour in Zambia.
Before you travel to Zambia, kindly consult your local physician or travel health clinic for the malaria prophylactic regimen most appropriate to your need to protect you from getting Malaria whilst visiting Zambia.   
Effective 1/10/2022, Zambia is now offering free visa entry into the country for the following countries: China, Norway, USA, Japan, UK, South Korea, Gulf States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the entire EU countries. For other countries, please check with your local travel agents before traveling on the procedures of obtaining a travel visa to Zambia.
Clothing for cycling
It is important that you will be properly dressed during this tour so that your bike experience is perfect at most and not ruined in any way. We kindly suggest that you come along with the following items:
Bike shorts
Zambia is relatively a hot country during most months of the year except during cooler seasons between June and July. Kindly come with good bike shorts tailored specifically for cycling. This will give you the most comfort you so badly need and enjoy your riding experience with pleasure. The most ideal shorts would be those that don’t come up as high which are good for you to stay cooler during hot days.
Bike jersey
Of all the items that you need to pay more attention to is getting a good and comfortable jersey you will wear on this tour. Consider getting a short-sleeve jersey with front zip with good pockets at the right position. This will enable you to unzip when it gets hot so that you can easily cool down. With good position of pockets, you will easily   reach your cell phones, mineral water or your money without having to stop riding.
Bike gloves
Having a strong grip on the bicycle handlebars at all times will be critical in you doing a safe bicycling experience on this tour. Kindly get bike gloves with cut out fingers which will absorb the excessive moisture especially during the hot season.
Cycling Glasses
Please come with good brand of Cycling Glasses. They are essential for keeping things out of your eyes which may lead you losing control of the bicycle and causing an accident
Bike socks
Kindly get for yourself good number of comfortable bike socks that is made out of polyester or nylon. 
Kindly come with shoes designed specifically for cycling.
Of course you need a helmet. But don’t worry, we will give you one on your first day in Lusaka.

Price Per Person – USD

Group Tours: From USD 4,370 per person

Private Tours: From USD 4,580 per person, minimum number of participants 4

What's Included

  • Accommodation in various comfortable tourist class lodges
  • Meals (alcoholic beverages excluded)
  • Tour guides
  • Transfers & ground transportation during the tour
  • 24/7 support service

What's Excluded

  • Flights & visas
  • Alcoholic beverages & other drinks
  • Park entrance fees
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • All medical examinations and COVID-19 costs related to obtain relevant documentation


  • This itinerary is owned and delivered by ‘Send Us Tours Zambia
  • All prices are ‘From’ and may vary at the time of booking
  • Display price is usually based on two people sharing
  • Send Us Tours Zambia‘ reserves the right to change the content and price of the itinerary
  • All itineraries are subject to availability

Day by Day Overview

Today is the day
Phase 1: Fitness check bicycling
The first day  is meant to jump-start your fitness to reach the desirable cycling fitness level. This will also enable you to get used to the new bicycle that you will be riding for a couple of days on this tour.
Below is the program for the day
07:10 am: Check-out of your hotel/lodge in Lusaka.
Friendly advise: Kindly dress up in the clothing attire for cycling whilst still in the hotel room.
07:30 am: Our team will pick you from the reception of your hotel/lodge in Lusaka. You will then be transferred to the upmarket Cosmopolitan Mall. A comprehensive 13 day Munali cycling literature will also be handed over to you. A copy of your travel insurance cover documentation will be collected from you and safely stored away by the tour leader.
Narration: Cosmopolitan Mall is located slightly outside the Lusaka city central business district along the tour route (Kafue T-2 highway road). Its strategic location made it an obvious choice for making it the starting point for this exciting Munali cycling tour.
What next? Upon arriving at the Cosmopolitan Mall, you will meet the trip leader along with the rest of the cycling crew. This includes the tour guide and service vehicle driver/ bicycle technician who will be fixing any problems your bicycle will develop.
Your personal luggage will be loaded and carried by the tour service vehicle. The service vehicle will always be nearby you during the entire journey just in case you need something from inside your bags. The same vehicle will carry you through some none cycling zones along the journey.
Tour orientation in person with your trip leader
The trip leader will give you a short tour briefing whilst you enjoy your first delicious breakfast at a nice restaurant inside the upmarket Cosmopolitan mall. Prominent among topics that you will be briefed on are issues touching on your personal safety, rules of the tour, and required eco-tour practices. Others are some important country information and social etiquette you will be required to observe during the tour.
Phase 2: (Still on Day 1)
Get Set, GO! Every journey begins with one step.
09:30 am; You will cycle to Tiffany’s Canyon Lodge a permanent stopping place for 2 night’s sleep over. (Distance 25.4 km).
Commencement of the cycling tour: Thereafter the tour briefing, the heroic Munali cycle tour will be flagged off by the trip leader. After being flagged off, you will then cycle to Tiffany’s Canyon Lodge passing through some beautiful scenery along the way. You will have the chance to stop at the Munda Wanga Environmental Park to see some wild animals. You will arrive and check-in at Tiffany’s Canyon Lodge to spend 2 nights, 1 full day of water based activities. In total, you will cover a 25.4 kms on day 1.
Narration: You will cycle on the shoulders of the Kafue T-2 route which is fairly safe. In certain places, you will cycle on the side service gravel road that run parallel to the Kafue T-2 highway route. Here you will have the whole road to yourself and enjoy cycling adventure uninterrupted.
Provisional 1st stop: Munda Wanga Environmental Park in Chilanga – (23 kms from Lusaka): The first provisional stop will be at Munda Wanga Park in Chilanga.
Narration: Munda Wanga Environmental Park is a natural park which houses a botanical garden, a wildlife sanctuary and a fossil site. Here you will take a break and eat some light snacks and take drinks. You will stretch out your legs a little bit by taking a walk around Munda Wanga wild life sanctuary park and chances are you will see some wild animals in this game sanctuary.
What you will do after Munda Wanga: You will then cycle on from Munda Wanga Environmental Park to Shimabala Toll Plaza covering a distance of 9.6 kms. Then you will power your way through the remaining 3 kms before reaching the beautiful Tiffany’s Canyon Lodge.
14:30 pm: Check in at Tiffany’s Canyon Lodge
15:00 pm: Take late lunch.
15:30 pm to 16:30 pm: Take a short rest/nap in your room
16:30 pm – 17:30 pm: Time permissible before night fall, you may do one water based activity. Otherwise all water based activities are slated to be done on the next day.
18:00 pm – 19:00 pm: Take your well-deserved delicious dinner.
21:30 pm: Retire to bed for a good night’s sleep.
Please note that the times of activities cited above may be varied to accommodate changed circumstances
Don’t worry, be happy
On day 2, from morning up to mid-day, you will do a number of water based activities at the beautiful Tiffany’s Canyon Lodge.
Below is the program order of the day
07:30 am: Wake up; take a warm bath.
08:00 am to 08:30 am: Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast.
09:00 am: Receive a short briefing by the trip leader. Thereafter, you will start your various water based activities.
12:30 pm to 13:30 pm: Take your delicious lunch.
Afternoon session (REST!): Take the entire afternoon relaxing and resting in readiness for the following day’s cycling tour.
More activities: If you still have some energy left, you may still continue with more water based activities at rest at your own time.
18:00 pm – 19:00 pm: Take your delicious dinner
21:30 pm: Retire to bed for a good night’s sleep
Please note: Times stated above may be altered to suit changed situations
HELLO! Nice and easy cycling day.
This will be another exciting day of you cycling nice and easy through nice scenery along the Kafue T-2 highway road. You will see peasant owned and commercial farms, beautiful residential mansions and range of Kafue Hills on part of the trip.
Narration: This is fairly easy day of cycling. You will cycle mostly in a descending free flow direction towards Kafue town which lies on the north bank of the Kafue River, after which it is named.
Notable landmark: The Railway Line
Before reaching Kafue town, you will cross the 3ft 6in (1067mm) gauge railway line. This is Zambia’s main railway line that runs from Livingstone to Lusaka right through to the northern copper producing region of the country.
Provisional 1st stop: Kafue town is your first provisional stop of the day having covered a distance of 16.4 kms.
What you will do today: After covering a 16.4 kms distance, you will stop at the popular Kafue Mall, grab some yummy food to eat and drink. Try the delicious and juicy fried chicken at Hungry Lion Restaurant at Kafue Mall. Alternatively, you can get some fresh fruits to eat in the Pay-Less supermarket within the same Kafue Mall complex.
Narration: Hungry Lion Kafue Mall prides itself for offering the best tasty fried chicken in town with better flavour for its customers. So do not miss out on this juicy bit of the tasty Hungry Lion fried chicken.
Cycle to Kafue Bridge
You will then continue cycling from Kafue town to Kafue bridge and stop at the nearby Muyanganas.
Provisional 2nd stop: Muyanganas near the Kafue bridge will be your second and final provisional stop of day 3 having covered a distance of 11.4 kms/11mi up to this point.
Narration 1: Muyanganas is a waterfront bar and restaurant located on the banks of the Kafue River next to the Kafue Bridge. You will arrive at the Muyanganas for a simple outing along the Kafue river before proceeding by vehicle to you next final destination of the day, the Kafue Riverview Lodge.
What you will do today: You will sit on a wooden deck under sun shade umbrellas and eat something and take drinks whilst watching the African sun almost setting.
Narration 1: The Kafue River is the source of drinking water for the greater Lusaka city and many other smaller towns along the Kafue river catchment area. The environment at Muyanganas is serene and the river view is amazing. This marks the end of your cycling excursion for the day and you will be driven in the service vehicle to your next destination Kafue Riverview Lodge.
Narration 2: The Muyanganas is an amazing place where you will see the nearby historical Kafue bridge and the mighty Kafue River.
The Kafue Bridge is the lifeblood of Zambia’s economy as it carries one of the busiest sections of the Great North Road in terms of volume of traffic. Zambia being a landlocked country, this bridge across the Kafue river is used to bring in various goods into the country from South African and Namibia sea ports.
Muyanganas to Kafue Riverview Lodge – a None Cycling Zone (6 kms/3.7 mi)
The remaining portion of the Kafue T-2 route from the Kafue Bridge up to Kafue Riverview Lodge is a none cycling zone. This is because of a high volume of traffic around this geographical area. This is as a result of the presence of a lot of heavy duty articulated commercial trucks plying this international T-1/T-2 route. These trucks are checked at a police roadblock for roadworthiness and customs duty compliance. They also pass through the Road Development Agency (RDA) operated weigh bridge for load weight checks.
So what happens after leaving Muyanganas: So from the Muyanganas, you will be driven in the service vehicle to the Kafue Riverview Lodge, covering a distance of about 6 kms/3.7 mi.
17:00 pm: Check in at Kafue Riverview Lodge, a none smoking and free alcohol property.
19:00 pm: Take your delicious dinner
21:00 pm: Retire to bed to sleep.
Please note: Times stated above may be altered to suit changed situations
Kafue Riverview Lodge is a non-smoking and alcohol-free property
Relax and enjoy the day
Today you will spend it at the serene, none smoking and alcohol free Kafue Riverview Lodge where you will mostly veg it out.
What you will do today: You will do a wide variety of amazing activities designed with you in mind. Thrilling hiking, fishing, boat cruise, birdwatching to immersive and calming wellness relaxation excursions activities all awaits you.
Friendly notice: Please note that the wellness activities are offered as a complimentary service. They are not always available or offered on this Munali cycling tour.
Overview of Kafue Riverview Lodge
Kafue Riverview Lodge’s core business model is premised on promoting healthy living and is strictly a none smoking and free alcohol property.
This means that you will not be allowed to smoke or consume alcohol whilst around Riverview Lodge campus. The wellness activities are offered as a complimentary service and are not always available on this Munali cycling tour. However, every effort is done to ensure that you do at least one wellness activity to improve your optimal level of physical wellness.
Laundry day: There is a washing machine and a tumble drier available at Kafue Riverview Lodge. On this day, you will decide what time to do all your laundry work.
12:30 pm – 13:30 pm: Enjoy sumptuous healthy food and drink
Afternoon session: You will do more activities that you missed out during the morning session.
19:00 pm: A happy dinner of healthy foods.
21: 00 pm. Retire to sleep.
Please note that the times of activities cited above may be varied to accommodate changed circumstances
Sweet smell of coffee at Mubuyu Coffee Farm
What you will do today: On this day, the main activity you will do is a coffee tour at Mubuyu Farm for 2 – 3 hours at the foot of the Munali pass.
However, the first activity you will do is cycling for at least 20 kms/12.4 mi along the major T-1 Livingstone road highway. The rest of the day will be spent travelling in the service vehicle to Chikankanta district for cultural activities. The final destination will be Chikankanta district, home of Her Royal Highness (HRH) Chieftainess Mwenda.
Planned order of activities on this day
Leave Kafue Riverview Lodge: Immediately after breakfast, you will check-out of Kafue Riverview Lodge with sweet memories of the place. You will then travel in the service vehicle covering the 1.8 kms/1.1mi dusty road up to the main T-1 Livingstone main road which is just near Turnpike junction.
Cycling. You will cycle on the new route (T–1) Lusaka – Livingstone route. This is Zambia’s main tourist road to the southern tourism of Zambia. The T-1 road forms the principal transportation corridor of the southern province, the tourist hub of Zambia.
What you will do today: From the Turnpike junction, you will cycle on the T-1 Livingstone road highway towards Munali Hills. The target is to cover 20 kms/12.4 mi of riding distance before reaching the foot of Munali Hills.
None Cycling Zone: For security and safety reasons, the ranges of Munali Hills are a none cycling zone area. Once you reach at the foot of Munali Hills, you will be carried by the service vehicle right through the mountain ranges to the bottom of Munali Hills with a short stop over at Munali National Monument.
.You will visit the Munali Hills historic site situated about 56km north of Mazabuka, a stone cairn 1km along the Munali Pass road. This monument is a commemoration of Dr. David Livingstone’s passage through the hill pass that separates the Lusaka high plateau from the Kafue Flats. At the end of touring the Munali National Monument, you will be driven to main gate of Mubuyu Coffee Farm located along the T-1 road high way.
Coffee Tour (in the morning)
You will be driven in the service vehicle from Munali Hills to Mubuyu Coffee farm administration block to meet the farm manager. From there, you will be escorted on a conducted coffee tour for 2 to 3 hours. You will get to hear the story behind the success of Munali Coffee Farm. The Mubuyu Farm estate also comprises a flourmill, several irrigation dams, housing for farm workers, a school and a clinic.
Travel to Chikankanta District for cultural activities and meeting the Chief
After the coffee tour, you will travel in the service vehicle from Mubuyu Farm up to Chikankanta Mission where you will spend 2 nights, 1 day of cultural activities.
Narration: The Chikankanta mission comprises the Chikankata Mission Hospital , Chikankata College of Biomedical Sciences , Chikankata College of Nursing and Midwifery , Salvation Radio, a Secondary School and a Salvation Army Church. The mission is surrounded by hills and traditional village settlements with more than 3000 people, At the far bottom end of the mission is where the Palace of Chieftainess Mwenda is located.
What will happen once you arrive in Chikankanta:
– A comfortable accommodation will be arranged for you.
– Meet and welcomed by the Chiefs representative.
19:00 pm: Take happy dinner of healthy foods.
21: 00 pm. Retire to sleep.
Please note that the times of activities cited above may be varied to accommodate changed circumstances
Meeting an African Chief today
Indeed you will meet the traditional Chieftainess Mwenda, of the Tonga speaking people of Basanje clan.
Narration: The special cultural day of activities you have been waiting for has finally come. You will meet Chieftainess Mwenda in person at her Basanje Palace and do a full day of cultural activities around the Chikankata Mission.
Overview: Village tours
 You will spend the whole day in Chikankanta village connecting and interacting with community village members in genuine functioning African traditional villages. You will experience what daily African village life is like in Zambia’s rural areas in real time.
 This cultural tour is executed professionally by a versatile team of knowledgeable young indigenous Zambians. They possess’ in-depth local indigenous African knowledge. They are passionate about African tradition and cultural values that will ensure a memorable stay serving you! The entire tour program is under the close supervision of the Trip Leader.
Order of events for the day
07:30 am: Wake up; take a warm bath.
08:00 am to 08:30 am: Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast.
09:00 am: Briefing by the trip leader on the order of events of the day.
09:30 pm: Leave for the Basanje Palace situated on the peripherals of Chikakanta mission to meet Her Royal Highness, Chieftainess Mwenda. You will be escorted by the local representative of the chief’s council. If Her Royal Highness, Chieftainess Mwenda, will not personally be available to meet you, then you will be met either by her Prime Minister or any of her senior representatives.
Summary of activities at the Palace
o Be welcomed at Her Royal Highness, Chief Mwenda’s Palace, in a true African style.
o Carry your gifts in your hands as you will be led into the palace yard by the local Chiefs representative. You will be allowed to take photos of the entire procession.
o Upon being allowed into the palace, settle down. You will immediately present your gifts to the Chieftainess through her prime minister as traditional protocol demands. This will open up the Chieftainess to offer welcoming words to you. She will give you a history of her people and possibly invite you for a conducted tour around her palace.
o A group, public photo session will be done within the palace yard for you, the Chieftainess and her Indunas (traditional officials). After dinner, you or anyone in your group will offer a vote of thanks to close up this tour session.
o Thereafter, you will receive the blessing of the Chieftainess to continue with visiting various homesteads in her chiefdom.
Village Tours
It is exciting to see and learn who locals live in these genuine African villages
What you will do then: Commence touring various village homesteads in Chikakanta village area under the guidance of a certified and trained village tour guide. All communications are done in English. Should Tonga be used, a interpreter will be available to translate into English for you.
• You will enter in the respective yard of each home village, welcomed and greeted with a hearty Zambian traditional handshake and smile. You will be taken into the bowls and heart of these truly functioning African villages. You will see for yourself firsthand what goes on there in these villages on a regular basis.
Cultural respect:
Please remember that you will be expected to cover your legs and arms during visits to the Palace and traditional villages. A legs round wrapper will be super fine.
Evening cultural entertainment, eating local traditional food
18:00 pm – 21;00 pm: Members of the village community will join and village headmen at the site for an evening of cultural entertainment.
• You will be treated to an exciting evening of traditional and cultural entertainment activities around a massive bonfire as the only source of lighting and warmth.
• You will eat some traditional foods that will have been prepared by the women folk of the village.
21:30 pm: Retire to bed for a good night’s sleep.
Please note that the times of activities cited above may be varied to accommodate changed circumstances
Goodbye Chietfainess Mwenda, thank you for the warm Zambian hospitality
Planned order of activities
After a previous full day of exciting cultural activities in Chikankanta district, you will continue with the trip starting first with an overland vehicle travel. Then you will cycle along the same T-1 highway road heading towards Mazabuka covering a distance of 25 kms. At the 25 kms mark, you being picked by the service vehicle into the next station of Mazabuka town.
10:30 am – Arrive in Mazabuka, dubbed “The Sweetest Town” in Zambia. This is because sugar canes that are processed into edible household sugar are grown on a large scale in Mazabuka. You will eat lunch here at any good restaurant in Mazabuka. After lunch, you will travel using the service vehicle to travel to the next place of activities of Monze.
11:30 am – Using the service vehicle, depart for Monze, the next town after Mazabuka.
None Cycling Zone
The Mazabuka to Monze route is a none cycling Zone (NRZ) route due to the poor state of the roadmaking it difficult and unsafe to ride a bicycle. Driving along the Mazabuka – Monze road, you will see large sugar plantations on the way out of Mazabuka town. You will pass a number of small village siding settlements along the way to Monze, approximately 72 kms from Mazabuka.
13:20 pm: Arrive in Monze: – An agriculture town, with an estimated population of 163,578 people.
13:30 pm: Eat some food snacks at the Indian Restaurant or Food Royal or at any other upmarket restaurant in Monze town.
16:00 pm: You will check in at Family Safari Lodge in Monze., siuated about 3 kms out of town along the T-1 road.
Note: If there will be no accommodation vacancy available at Family Safari Lodge during your visit, you will be checked in a different Lodge in Monze of comparatively same standards.
18:00 pm: Day’s dinner
19:00 pm: Retire to bed for a restful night of sleep.
Please note that the times of activities cited above may be varied to accommodate changed circumstances
Family Safari Lodge is your home for today
Planned order of activities
08:10 am: Wakeup call; thereafter take a warm shower.
08:10 am – 08: 30: am – Enjoy morning breakfast.
10:00 pm: Visit the Samu Lya Moomba national heritage site outside Monze town in Bweengwa area, Chief CHOONGO’s chiefdom to see Zambia’s deep cultural heritage.
Narration: Samu Lya Moomba holds a special place in Zambia’s history as it was the location some freedom fighters from across Zambia would meet to strategise on the attainment of Zambia’s political independence
12:30 pm 13:30 pm: Return to Family Safari Lodge for Lunch.
Comment: You may pass through Choppies supermarket in Monze town to buy some personal goodies for yourself.
Afternoon session: You will take the whole of the afternoon resting either in your Lodge room or by the pool side. You have the opportunity to view some resident wild animals that include some Lions and Zebras.
18:00 pm: Day’s dinner
19:00 pm: Retire to bed for a restful night of sleep.
Note: If there will be no accommodation vacancy available at Family Safari Lodge during your visit, you will be checked in a different Lodge in Monze of comparatively same standards.
Alone, you will go fast, together you will go far
Today you will go far in terms of cycling distance.
Below is the planned order of activities
(a): Cycle from Family Safari Lodge (Monze) to Chisekesi and beyond (cycling distance of 35 km/21.7 miles)
(b): Then travel by service vehicle from Chisekesi to Batoka.
Narration: This 48 kms stretch of the T-1 road is a none cycling zone. From Chisekesi, you will be transferred in the support vehicle right up to Batoka.
(c) Cycling: In Batoka, you will mount on your bicycles and commence cycling from Batoka towards to the Daniel Mukombwe Toll gate, covering a cycling distance of about 15 km/ 9.3 miles.
(d) Cycling: From Daniel Mukombwe toll gate, you will be picked in the service vehicle and transferred to Twin Cave Lodge in Choma.
18:00 pm: Day’s dinner
19:00 pm: Retire to bed for a restful night of sleep.
Note: If there will be no accommodation vacancy available at Twin Cave Lodge during your visit, you will be checked in a different Lodge in Choma of comparatively same standards.
Check-out of Twin Cave Lodge. Then do a morning tour of Choma museum.
(b) Mid-morning: Depart from Choma by cycling to Tara siding, along the T-1 road highway, covering a distance of 35 km / 15.5 miles.
(c): Then travel by vehicle from Tara siding; You will proceed to Kalomo town travelling by road down southwards on the original T-1 main tourist road of Zambia (The Livingstone – Lusaka main tourist road).
You visit and tour the Kalundu Mound: About 3 km before reaching Kalomo, on the main road, is a slightly raised mound (a matter of just a few metres) of earth through which the road passes. This marks the site of an Iron-Age village, and the mound is the accumulated debris of many centuries of occupation.
Check in at any good level lodge in Kalomo.
18:00 pm: Day’s dinner
19:00 pm: Retire to bed for a restful night of sleep.
Today you will cover the longest distance of cycling
First activity of the day: You Travel by motor vehicle to the outskirts of Kalomo to see the first state house of North-Western Rhodesia (now current Zambia).
More details: The Administrator’s house national monument-located in Kalomo Zambia, is a 116 years old house. It was the first home of the British South African Company (BSAco)’s administrator in charge of a territory back then called North-Western Rhodesia. It is believed the house served as present day Zambia’s first state house.
(b): Mid-morning: Leave Kalomo for Zimba by cycling an uninterrupted distance of 60 km / 37.3 miles which will be the longest for this entire trip. Thereafter the 60 km/37.3 miles mark, you will be driven in the service vehicle any good level lodge/hotel in Livingstone.
Overview of Livingstone
Rich in scenery and heritage, Livingstone, your destination has today become the tourist heart of Zambia. It is the tourism heart of southern Zambia, home to the mighty Victoria Falls, a World Heritage Site and Africa’s “Adventure Capital”.
18:00 pm: Day’s dinner
19:00 pm: Retire to bed for a restful night of sleep.
The Tourist Capital of Zambia – Livingstone
Narration: You will take pretty the first hours of the morning resting in your room
Awesome Game Drive and Rhino Walk
10:30 am: This trip includes a game drive and Rhino walk in Mosi-oa-tunya National Park in Livingstone towards the end of the tour.
13:30 -14:00 take your delicious Lunch
14:00 pm: Visit the Livingstone Museum
The Livingstone Museum is the largest and the oldest museum in Zambia, established in the 1934 as the David Livingstone Memorial Museum. Its original name the Rhodes–Livingstone Museum was changed to Livingstone Museum in 1966.
15:00 pm: Mukuni Park Curio Market
So if you are looking for a souvenir of your time in Livingstone/Africa you’ll probably find something at this market. There is a line of permanent shops/stalls. They sale mainly traditional items such as animal carvings, pictures, bowls, baskets, traditional dressings which you may buy as souvenirs.
Thereafter, you will be transferred back to your lodge to rest and get ready for a special evening farewell dinner.
Special evening Farewell Dinner: Celebrate the end of the 13 Day Munali cycling adventure in elegant style at a nice restaurant in Livingstone.
05:30 am -05:50 am: Wakeup. Take your morning bath.
06:00 am: You will nicely and neatly pack your personal belongings into your travelling bag.
08:20 am: Thereafter take your last delicious breakfast. Bid farewell to your newly found Livingstone friends.
10:00 am: You will also receive a complimentary transfer to airport if you will depart on the last day and have provided your international flight information.
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