Arusha Giraffe Centre: A Unique Wildlife Encounter

When embarking on a safari adventure in Tanzania, the Arusha Giraffe Centre offers a delightful and educational experience that perfectly compliments your wildlife journey. Located 6 kilometers off the road to the Serengeti from Arusha, this centre provides an up-close encounter with these majestic creatures. Refreshments are available and the whole experience takes about 75 mins.

Let’s delve into why the Arusha Giraffe Centre deserves a spot on your safari itinerary.

The Maasai Giraffes

At the heart of the Arusha Giraffe Centre are its resident Maasai giraffes. These elegant animals roam freely within the centre’s boundaries, allowing visitors to observe them in their natural habitat. Imagine standing face-to-face with these gentle giants, their long necks gracefully reaching for leaves on acacia trees. Nick and Nathalie, the hosts, share their wealth of knowledge about giraffes, their behavior, and the conservation efforts in the region.

The Education Centre

Tanzania’s first regeneration education centre is also on the farm and is included in the entrance fee. Here you can learn about the issues facing Giraffe and wildlife in general and how their welfare is linked to environment and community. The solution used by the AGC is explained here and how it can be used to solve the issues.

Getting to the Arusha Giraffe Centre

To reach the Arusha Giraffe Centre, follow the road to the Serengeti from Arusha. Between the villages of Kisongo and Duka Mbovu, you’ll spot the unmistakable giraffe sign. Turn opposite the Panone Petrol Station (known as Shelly Waya) and continue down a rough road for 4 kilometers. Then, turn right at the next giraffe sign and wind your way for another 2 kilometers. Keep in mind that during the rainy season, a 4WD vehicle may be necessary.

Incorporating the Giraffe Centre into your itinerary

1. Day at Leisure Activity

Consider visiting the Arusha Giraffe Centre on a day when you’re not exploring the national parks. It’s an ideal half-day adventure for all ages. Spend your morning or afternoon observing giraffes, learning about their conservation, and capturing memorable photos. The leisurely pace allows you to unwind and connect with nature before or after more intense safari days.

2. Beginning of Your Safari

Stop off and visit the giraffes on the way to the National Parks after you leave Arusha. It’s a gentle introduction to Tanzania’s wildlife, easing you into the safari spirit. Witnessing giraffes up close sets the tone for the days ahead, igniting your curiosity and excitement. Plus, it’s a great way to acclimate to the local environment before venturing deeper into the wilderness.

3. Final Day Before Departure

As your safari draws to a close, spend your last day at the Arusha Giraffe Centre. Reflect on your incredible journey while enjoying the serene presence of these magnificent animals. It’s a peaceful way to bid farewell to Tanzania, surrounded by giraffes and the memories you’ve created during your safari.

The Arusha Giraffe Centre is more than a tourist attraction; it’s a gateway to understanding and appreciating the delicate balance of nature. Whether you visit at the beginning or end of your safari, these graceful giraffes will leave an indelible memory. So, add this unique experience to your itinerary and let the magic of Arusha’s giraffes enhance your safari adventure.

The Arusha Giraffe Centre isn’t just about observing giraffes; it’s about connecting with the wild and reawakening your senses.

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