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Imagine waking up in sumptuous comfort within the lap of nature in India; looking out of the window and seeing only untamed green wilderness, not a stunted concrete skyline, but lush treetops alive with birdsong. Finding animals of the jungle roaming free in their natural habitat, just a few hundred meters from you. Imagine a world where nature and luxury cohabit, coexist and flourish.

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What for many would sound like a fabulous, other-worldly fantasy is the way and reality of life at The Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge (BFSL) in India’s Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) near Chandarpur, Maharashtra. All the villas at the resort are ingeniously crafted with all the luxuries you’d expect back home. An eco-tourism destination unlike any other, it allows you to get back into the lap of nature and far from the madding crowd, but never too far from comfort. The dramatic emergence of TATR on the centre stage of tiger tourism to rank as world’s premier tiger reserve and India’s best has brought in its fold new challenges of creating eco-friendly and eco-sensitive tourism infrastructure. The new global traveller is a discerning one, and demands luxury in wilderness. Herein, lays the genesis of The Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge, offering the wilder side of ultimate luxury.

Spread over 1,773 sq km, Tadoba-Andhari is the largest tiger reserve in Maharashtra and has attracted attention and acclaim from around the world. Flora and fauna abounds and verily thrives here. The BSFL is ideally located on the edge of the scenic Maasal Lake (a heaven for bird watchers) on Kolara Road – 90 minutes’ drive from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, Nagpur and a mere 10 minutes’ drive from Kolara Gate of TATR. At The Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge you live amongst the wilderness, sharing space with winged visitors of various shapes and hues flitting past rooms overlooking the picturesque Lake Maasal. With 19 villas, of 700 sq. ft. each, overlooking a mélange of natural masterpieces spread across the branches, the rooms are a marvel of eco-friendly architecture.

The Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge

Maasal Village, Kolara Road (6 km from Kolara Gate) Chimur, Tadoba Dist. Chandrapur (Maharashtra)
  • India


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Perfect organisation!

Written by: Jackline Keen on 29 May 2021

My husband and I went on a 5 day honeymoon trip to Tanzania in May 2021. Our honeymoon was organized with Luis, he was so helpful, treated us with so much kindness, and patience. Every request we made was met. We were quite nervous about booking a trip during COVID-19 and had a lot of questions about Tanzania’s protocols and Victor response time was really quick and he informed us of everything we should expect. Seko Safaris took a lot of precautions to make sure we were safe. Luis also created the best itinerary for us! The amount of effort to make us feel good about our choice was the sweetest gesture and it left us speechless. Our trip was so organised and so well thought out. Once we arrived in Tanzania our guide Andrew worked very hard to make sure we saw all of nature and the beauty Tanzania has to offer. He was so amazing, we are very grateful towards him. Andrew was very educated and taught us a lot about nature and we had the best experience with him. We became a family and it was the biggest take away for me. We would start our adventures at 8 am everyday. Andrew though would be up 2 hours before to make sure the cruiser was in tip top shape and properly sanitised so our day would go very smoothly. Every hotel we stayed at was impeccable. We were treated with so much kindness and care. We truly believe we could never experience something like this in any other country with any other tour. On the safari it was very clear the difference in the way Seko Safaris treated clients than other companies did. Every day we received the best hot lunches and Andrew took us to the best places first. We were always first on the scene and saw the best show! We saw the big 5 animals, we saw the great migration of 2 million wildebeest crossing the Maya river, We saw the most intense hunts just a few meters from our vehicle. It was the most surreal experience watching live what we would see on National Geographic. The most surprising thing for me was how breathtaking the landscape was. Every morning we would see the most glorious sunrises and every night we would be humbled with the most beautiful sunsets. The noise you hear when it is completely silent in the wilderness is a phenomenon I cannot explain. We heard the thunder of the wildebeest footsteps, we heard the erie laughing of hyenas near our camp at night, we heard the magnificent roaring of lions and the trumpeting of elephants always left us speechless and in awe. We live in Canada and it is currently the dead of winter, we reminisce about our trip constantly and the beautiful weather in Tanzania everyday. Our videos and stories has made all of our friends and family praying to go to Tanzania and get the chance we got. We will always recommend Seko Safaris to everyone we know. Thank you very much Seko Safaris and if we could come back we definitely will come back to Tanzania in a heart beat. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have the best honeymoon any couple could possibly have. If you are thinking about booking a trip to Tanzania, you will not regret it! Book with Seko Safaris to get the best experience of your life!

An Amazing Trip from Start to Finish!

Written by: Beatus Kyabn on 29 May 2021

There are NOT enough good words to say about Seko Safaris! From our first phone call with Victor, the excellent, immediate follow up to the incredible, beautiful, comfortable lodges with great food and last, but not least, our wonderful guide, Gerald L! We know there is a ton of planning behind the scenes and we were very thankful but being with Gerald every day, just MADE our trip what it was. His expertise on everything was over the top from every animal, bird, history of the crater, the Serengeti and just all of Africa and he enjoyed teaching us! Gerald's happy and sincere personality made us look forward to each and every day! Their "trucks" were very comfortable and Gerald made sure we were comfortable and noticed everything we liked to eat and drink so he surprised us daily. On our return, we would not use anyone but Seko Safaris and we are so grateful for the memories we will have the rest of our days, thanks to Gerald and the entire company!

Wonder safari....

Written by: Preshauos Brown on 30 April 2021

"The safari was amazing! We did the 5 day Goshen. Victor was our driver and he was great! Very nice and friendly. He showed us all the big five and other animals. He asked which animals we wanted to see and did everything to show us.
The lunch is good, a soup, food and fruits. There are sodas, water and wine to drink. You can bring some snacks to eat between the meals. The lodges (acacia farm and Acacia seronere Camp) was amazing. Amazing rooms, facilities and food. The Wi-Fi in both could work better. I recommend this safari!!

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