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Tanzania On Foot are one of the premier outfitters for tailor made Tanzania safaris and climbing Kilimanjaro. We offer wildebeest migration safaris, budget camping safaris, luxury lodge safaris, beach holidays in Zanzibar and much more.

Tanzania On Foot commits to

  • Helping Maasai girls who traditionally are given no voice and few options

Our goal is: having received a well-rounded education of mind and heart, these students will return to their communities to be leaders of positive change while nurturing respect for their people’s rich history and culture. We work with local organizations to help disadvantaged girls access education and avoid early marriage, and to provide medical treatment for children whose parents cannot afford it. With your support, we can help more even young people survive and thrive. We provide active support in the communities within the areas which we operate.

Our vehicles

Our safari vehicles have a thatched roof for shade against sunny African wilderness as well as an extended body with roomy seats for comfortable sitting and stretching out legs. Every guest is accessible to the window seat. Cars are also fitted with fridges, power charge sockets and VHF radio calls for easy and fast communication with the base office.

Tanzania On Foot

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