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Steppe Dogs Adventures is a tour and safari company established to deliver an enriching, responsible African holiday experience for their customers. We care about preserving the environment and natural resources, respect local customs and practices, care about the needs of the local people in developing countries and want to give our customers more than the average package deal.

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Our values at Steppe Dogs Adventures include good customer care, integrity and honesty, credibility, reliability, safety, quality services, enthusiasm and accessibility.

We use custom designed safari vehicles, ideal for comfortable travel on safari roads, and arrange a wide range of safaris throughout Tanzania including:-

  • Calving Season Migration Safari
  • Great Migration Crossing Tour
  • Wildlife and Cultural Experience
  • Camping Safari
  • Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru Trekking

Steppe Dogs Adventures

P.O. Box 120, Arusha Tanzania
  • Tanzania
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