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Professional Safari Africa (PSA) is one of the best tour operators in Tanzania that offers a bespoke safari in Tanzania. Whether you are coming to Tanzania for a wildlife, mountain climbing, honeymoon, cultural or other safari, we are experienced enough to offer you the best travel services beyond the ordinary. Our company is composed of knowledgeable tour guides who were born and raised in Tanzania; all our guides are certified, and they have exceptional abilities beyond the normal standards of tour guides. Our itineraries cover all the known tourists attractions in Tanzania and we are always more than willing to customize an itinerary according to our clients’ needs.

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We are experts
We have a long track record in organising safaris for international visitors. We take our experience everyday to the next level to improve our expertise and professionalism. We are reputable, knowledgeable, and able to make your vacation a lifetime achievement by promising you 100% satisfaction.

Eco and community friendly
We respect to eco-tourism and share a portion of our income for the development of local community and conservation of animal kingdom. We keep our nature unharmed for future generation through sustainable tourism.

Professional Safari Africa

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