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One Bike Tanzania is a community based social enterprise in Moshi, Kilimanjaro that focuses on education, health and exercise in order to transform lives and make the world a better place. We are environmental lovers and we fight for a sustainable present in order to preserve our planet in the future, one bike at a time. We have fantatstic cycing safaris around Moshi, Kilimanjaro and Arusha National Park.

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Our cycling community is made up of individuals who want to have a real impact on African culture. Our employees are dedicated team players who bring energy, ideas and pride to their work. One Bike is a shared environment where smart, motivated and creative people succeed.

Our activities focus also on education and health. We are closely linked with the Kilimanjaro Biking Tour Guide that provides us quality bicycle-renting services and workshop training facilities.

Cycle on Mount Kilimanjaro where you may spot primates in the forest zone and larger animals on the heath and moorland as well as breathtaking views, while in Arusha National Park discover areas often overlooked by safari goers, rich in wildlife, history and beautiful scenery.

One Bike Tanzania

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