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Namibia-based Marek Adventures is a truly owner-managed safari and tour operator company. Our tour guides are experienced and have extensive knowledge and passion for our beautiful countries of Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe where they will strive to broaden your knowledge and open your eyes to a new side of life. We make sure that our guests return home as friends and with hearts filled with great memories. We specialize in guided tours from smaller to bigger group sizes, from luxury lodges to budget camping, whatever your travel style. For the independent traveler who wants more flexibility, we arrange self-drive tours carefully designed to your specification.

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Marek Adventures is lying to us

Written by: Caroline Chen on 24 March 2022

Marek Adventures totally is a lier. We paid a third of the tour cost. Because COVID-19, we are following cancellation policy of contract, before 45 days that we formal notice of cancellation to Marek Adventures. (Our tour time was 2021/10/10 ~ 2021/10/22, we were 2021/05/19 to formal notice Marek Adventures)

Marek Adventures said we need waiting all hotels/ lodges refund deposit to Marek Adventures then Marek Adventures will refund our money to us.

We asked Marek Adventures about the refund progress, Marek Adventures always answered “on-going”. The latest got the refund progress status was on 2021/09/17. We tried to contact the boss, Carlo (before is contact the other person, Blanca Carlo). He always had different reasons not to reply to the progress of the refund. 2022/02/27 was the last message we sent to Carlo, Carlo hasn’t read it and reply till now.

We contacted each hotel/ lodge, tried to understand what’s the problem to stuck refund. We asked 9 hotels/ lodges, 5 hotels replied our mail, one is permanently closed. Those hotels/ lodges didn’t charge a deposit from Marek Adventures. From beginning to end, Marek Adventures is lying to us. Marek Adventures is without integrity and irresponsibility!!!!!

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