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Kenya Turacos Safaris was set up with the intention of being a world class tours and travel operator providing tourists with a memorable visit to East Africa and the rest of Africa.

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Our Company Values

Kenya Turacos Safaris is a registered Tours and Travel company based in Kenya, with branches in Tanzania and Uganda. We maintain a strong focus on sustainable tourism and commitment to always moving forwards in terms of service, quality and value for money.

Our Safaris

Kenya Turacos Safaris offers interesting and adventurous itineraries built around our client’s needs, interests and time, allowing you to enjoy the African nature and wildlife how it suits you. Our safaris include:

  •     Wildlife Safaris
  •     Bird Watching Safaris
  •     Cultural Tours
  •     Weddings and Honeymoons
  •     Hiking in Kenya
  •     Women Safaris
  •     Photography Safaris
  •     Governors Air Safaris
  •     Riding Safaris
  •     Masai Mara Explorer Safaris

Why Choose Us

Our staff are well trained, qualified and professional to ensure we provide our clients with the very best services while  creating the most memorable safari for them.

Kenya Turacos Safaris

PO Box 199, Village Market, 00621, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Kenya
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