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We are an eco-friendly, owner managed tour operator based in Kenya. We specialize in organizing sustainable and off-the-beaten track adventures in East Africa. The word “safari” in Swahili means a journey and that is exactly what we want you to experience – a journey which feeds the soul.

Who We Are

We want you to feel the amazing energy that East Africa exuberates. Starting from the legendary warm African hospitality to the mouthwatering food, be prepared for a journey to tantalise all your senses. The striking landscapes, the unique cultural experiences and of course the diverse wildlife encounters, will make this a holiday of a lifetime.  But at this point, we feel me must issue a small warning. “Once Africa enters your blood, you will be hooked and keep returning for more.”

While on your safari, we want you to rest assured that we have taken steps in making your trip eco-friendly and sustainable. How do we do this?  To name just a few, we do this by reducing and recycling of single plastics, planting trees and empowering communities in Northern Kenya. Read on for more information on this.


During your adventure, we have taken steps to reduce our plastic use as much as possible. We provide refillable water bottles to all our guests. In the few instances where we may be unable to get away from use of plastic bottles due to logistics in the area, our guides will bring the empty bottles back to Nairobi where we have relations with recycling companies to ensure that the plastic is made into something useful like brooms and files.

We have partnered with hotels and lodges that have a similar ethos. This is evident in many areas, including the following:

  • Stopping/reduction in use of plastic water bottles. The lodges which still have plastic bottles send the empty bottles to recycling companies.
  • Many of the lodges have their own kitchen gardens to grow fresh fruits and vegetables. Recycled water from the lodge is used to water the plants.
  • There is an increase in the use of renewable energy, especially solar, to reduce/eliminate the need for generator power, as most lodges in the parks are not linked to the National Grid.
  • Guests can plant seedlings during their safari at some of the lodges that they visit.

Sustainability Projects

We believe in sustainable tourism by working closely with the local communities. Our main focus is partnering with various communities and conservancies in Northern Kenya. We support school children by providing them with annual supplies of education materials, planting various tree species using seedballs for reforestation and organizing collection of used plastic bottles for recycling.

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