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Jungle Experiences is a bespoke cruise company that plies the Amazon waters and its tributaries. Offering the perfect balance between comfort and nature, their trips enable you to experience this magical part of the world. A committed sustainable tourism company, we work with local communities to protect the Amazon ecosystem, its people and their cultures. The transformative powers that tourism can bring are self-evident.

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We have more than 25 years of experience in the Amazon region, designing unique cruises that will take you along the Amazon River and its tributaries – an unequalled place that invites you to experience every detail of its culture, flora, fauna, history, gastronomy, adventure and more.

All the people that are part of Jungle Experiences share a deep love and respect for the Amazon, its landscapes and its people. We also share a strong commitment to the professionalism and care of our passengers. The satisfaction of our clients depends on every one of our crew members which is why all the staff on board are from the local area and know the landscapes and the communities inside out. This makes them the best people to walk hand in hand with as you experience the heart of the Amazon.

Jungle Experiences

  • Peru
Experience the heart of the Amazon jungle
Amazon jungle walking safari
ZAFIRO Luxury Amazon Cruise | Jungle Experiences


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