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Indigo Explorer offers a chance to discover the tropical wonder that is Sri Lanka, in a unique, sustainable and unforgettable manner. The beauty of our ‘tailor made holiday’ approach is that you self-design your ideal trip, packed with picturesque landscapes, friendly locals and a plethora of exciting activities. Our team of travel consultants are passionate, skilled and eager to help you start off your adventure! Join us and in your own unique way, discover “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, Sri Lanka.

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About Us

Indigo Explorer was born out of the minds of three individuals with very different backgrounds, when they unexpectedly crossed paths, back in 2017. Co-founders, Shiranthi, Bernard & Lionel were working in various fields, all relative to the tourism industry at the time and shared a common opinion: That the traditional tourist packages on offer over a variety of platforms were rather underwhelming, lacked innovation and failed to capture the true sense of what it means to explore a new land. They valued the luxury of a traveller being able to craft their own experiences, form connections with local communities and essentially, design their perfect getaway.​ Indigo Explorer is proud to offer you the very best of Sri Lanka and we are dedicated to assuring your holiday is one to remember.

Our Communities

Indigo Explorer strongly advocates community-based tourism initiatives in order to empower rural communities. By providing them with necessary skills and tools, and subsequently integrating them into various aspects of your holiday, we aid them in their development and ability to sustain themselves in the future. Sri Lankan locals are commonly regarded as friendly hosts, and with good reason! Your trip is sure to be augmented by their extensive knowledge on the island, genuine hospitality and cheerful spirit.

Indigo Explorer

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