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Imela Wilderness is a private, Botswana based mobile safari company that seeks to portray excellence and quality through tailor made packages. We strive to provide the best safari experience in beautiful Botswana that reflects the true and raw African wilderness focusing on comfort, valuable experience and interaction with the people. Our uniqueness is portrayed by our deliberate intention to highlight culture and the people in all our activities.

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The integrated and comprehensive approach of Imela Wilderness to the tourism sector provides an opportunity to market Botswana safari and cultural tourism in different aspects. We stand to break barriers between traditional safari excursions and culture by integrating the two aspects where possible when designing our packages.

Our Safaris Include

  • Okavango Fly-in
  • Bushmen Experience
  • Luxury Group Tour
  • Family Safari
  • Private Safari
  • Mokoro Safari



Imela Wilderness

  • Botswana
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