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We don’t follow the typical stereotypes of a tour company – we have nothing to do with ‘big groups’, ‘must sees’ or ‘all inclusive packages’. Instead, the vast ‘eternal landscapes’ of Mongolia and the broader context within which Mongolians live their lives within those landscapes runs deep through everything we do. So if you’re looking to experience the real Mongolia as the locals live it then welcome to the community that is EL. True, Mongolia can challenge as much as it beguiles. But be prepared to face the same irritations and frustrations as the locals do and you’ll fall in love with the immensity that is Mongolia.

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I’m Jess – the founder of Eternal Landscapes. I work side by side with Turuu (my business partner) and our entirely Mongolian team. What makes us different? We’re a micro-business and a registered social travel enterprise supporting community based tourism. Yes, you may think they’re just buzz words used as a selling tool but explore our website for more of an introduction into the philosophy that is at the core of EL.

This is about our responsibility to Mongolia and as a registered Mongolian company, we focus on promoting a greater travel approach to benefit everyone involved, leading to a more positive and personal style of experience for all concerned. As a business working in tourism we have a responsibility to help combat problems including those created by tourism itself. I believe that our philosophy helps create positive social change in Mongolia.

As a team we research, design and operate all aspects of the holidays we offer. There’s a drive for modernity and progress in Mongolia and we try to provide a ‘realistic’ 21st Century overview of Mongolia. We try to work with what Mongolia already offers – from what’s available in the local markets to the skills and knowledge of its people. We work independently and not through any agency or representative of another company.

Eternal Landscapes

38 Exeter Road Okehampton Ulaanbaatar Devon
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