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The main focus of Bogota Birding Tours is the lands surrounding Bogota, including the Cloud Forest of the Eastern Andes, Paramo de Sumapaz, Llanos, Magdalena Valley and the dry forest. Both well-known and less-visited birding localities in near Bogota are explored, and suggestions for new destinations are always welcome.

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The aim of Bogota Birding Tours is to provide fellow bird watchers with high quality birding and great experiences and we welcome birders with all levels of experience. All trips and day excursions will be arranged considering the experience and general preferences of the participating customers – we are just as happy to spend a day searching for a single elusive species as we are enjoying the abundant hummingbird, wren and grackle near to Bogota.

Our green tanager or minibus has large windows which are excellent for birdwatching and allows all participants to enjoy the surroundings. We are able to offer guidings in English and  Spanish. So grab your birding equipment and come out to Colombia for some fantastic birdwatching in the Capital of the Birds of the World!

Bogota Birding Tours

Bogota, Colombia
  • Colombia


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