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Tour Type

Tour Type

Guided, Small Group

Safari Standard

Safari Standard

Camping, Mid Range

Tour Overview

Join us for a journey through the Gobi Desert’s ancient mountains, green glens and sand dunes, against a backdrop of blue sky by day and a star-filled sky by night. The Gobi’s rich flora and fauna and have always attracted explorers. Marco Polo paid a visit to the Gobi while more recently Roy Chapman Andrews discovered the first-known dinosaur’s egg-nest at Flaming Cliffs. On your trip you may encounter ibex, wild horned sheep, wild ass, steppe gazelle as well as soaring lammergear or bearded vulture in Yolyn Am.

The Gobi Desert Big Circuit2

General Information

  • Safari types:
    Cultural Safari, Desert Safari, Guided Safari, Wildlife Safari
  • You will visit:
    Ulaanbaatar, Gobi Desert, Hustai National Park, Gobi Gurvan Saihan NP, Khongor Sand Dunes, Kharkhorin
  • Wildlife:
    Birds, Lammergeier/Bearded Vulture, Argali Sheep, Siberian Ibex, Przewalski's/Wild Horse, Wild Horned Sheep, Wild Ass, Steppe Gazelle, Goitered Gazelle, Beech Marten, Eurasian Lynx, Pallas's Cat
  • Activities:
    Walking Safari, Trekking, Hiking, Horse, Camel, Sightseeing Tour, Optional Activities, Village Visit, Cultural Experience
  • Getting around:
    4x4 Vehicle
  • Start/end:
    Start/end in Ulaanbaatar
  • Minimum age:

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From USD 2,273 per person

What's Included

  • All accommodation and meals
  • Ground transportation
  • All excursions, entrance fees and visits as described in the itinerary
  • Bilingual guide throughout your stay

What's Excluded

  • International airfares
  • Medical and trip insurance, evacuation costs
  • Photography and video fees
  • Tips to drivers or guides
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Alcoholic beverages or soft drinks
  • Other items not specifically mentioned as included


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Day by Day Overview

The contrast between ancient traditions and the dawning of a 20th-century democracy is most visible in Ulaanbaatar where traditional gers (felt tents) and Buddhist monasteries coexist with modern high-rises. Upon arrival at the airport, you will be welcomed by your tour guide and transferred to a comfortable, centrally located hotel within walking distance of various museums and shops. Enjoy a welcome dinner at a local restaurant.

Overnight hotel in Ulaanbaatar

Img 3876 (2)
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Embark on an overland journey to the Gobi Desert. Through the rugged terrain, you will be greeted with stunning landscapes and picture-perfect sceneries. Baga Gazariin Chuluu is an exciting area where unusual rock formations and granite pinnacles stick out in the middle of the dusty plains. Spend half a day exploring the area before continuing journey southwards Tsagaan Suvarga.


Another fascinating area awaits you today. Tsagaan Suvarga witnesses the geological history of ancient times down to date. Different minerals giving rise to different colours form the face of the cliffs. Enjoy hiking through the colourful natural cliffs. The Gobi sunrise offers you an opportunity to shoot incredible photos and take advantage of this stunning moment.

Tsagaan Suvarga
Tsagaan Suvarga Mongolia

You will continue your journey driving to Yol Valley in the Gobi Gurvan Saihan National Park. Home to many endangered wild species, the national park holds some of the most vulnerable ecosystems of the Gobi Desert. Yol Valley was named after the dominant bird of the valley, lammergeier. An ancient river carved this surprisingly green valley. Now, its remnant streams create ice formations at the base of the valley that sometimes persists as late as July. Enjoy hiking at an altitude of 2,000m to reach the ice. It is advised to bring comfortable shoes and light-weight windbreaker.

Yoliin Am
Yol Valley Yolyn Am
Yol Valley

After having breakfast you will explore fauna and flora of Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Prak. The national park supports many endangered species of mammals, including snow leopard, argali sheep, ibex, goitered gazelle, beech marten, Eurasian lynx, Pallas’s cat, and Marbled polecat. You will be more likely see argal sheep and ibex. Daurian partridge, Kozlov’s accentor, Mongolian finch, white-winged snowfinch and other birds can be seen in the area. Enjoy having picnic lunch in an open valley of Mt. Gurvan Saikhan. You will drive to Khongor Sand Dunes in the evening.

Overnight in a ger camp

Khongor Sand Dunes are some of the largest sand dunes in Mongolia, stretching for 180 kilometres across the desert. Khongor River creates remarkable wetlands along the dunes which provides an excellent bird watching opportunities. Stomping around the sand dunes with like-minded companions is genuinely memorable. The Singing Dune was named for the remarkable, low-pitched groan that it emits when the surface is disturbed. Due to their isolation, the secret of this area’s beauty has been kept safe for thousands of years. You might have a chance to see long-eared jerboa near the ger camp in the evening. Optional Bactrian camel riding will be available at your own cost.

Khongor Sand Dunes.
Singing Sand Dunes
Khongoryn Els

Your journey will head to world-famous ‘Flaming Cliffs’, home to ancient dinosaurs where an American scientist Roy Chapman Andrews excavated the first known dinosaur eggs in paleontological history in 1923. The beauty of the place makes an exciting visit. Enjoy the sunset over the flaming red cliffs. Away from light pollution, the Gobi Desert is one of the few places on earth where you can gaze 180-degree pitch dark sky full of stars.

Flaming Cliffs

Start driving to the north with a stopover at the remains of historic Ongi Monastery, one of 750 worshipping places of Mongolia that were destroyed by communists in the 1930s. Days of driving may be rather discomforting. Therefore, you can take our complimentary full body massage at the Ongi ger camp in the evening.

Overnight in a ger camp

Your journey will continue to Orkhon Waterfall, or UIaan Tsutgalan, one of the most scenic places in Central Mongolia. Nomadic families are often encountered along the road. Visiting here, you will not only benefit from the roaring waterfall but beautiful Orkhon Valley and its inhabitants enrich your travel experience. The area is famous for domesticated yak and its milk products such as curd and cheese.

Stay overnight in a ger camp

Orkhon Waterfall
Orkhon Waterfall.

Today, you will head to Tuvhun Monastery established in the 17th century in a remote mountain area by Zanabazar, a Buddhist Noble person. He had established Zanabazar School: a Mongolia’s Buddhist tradition of art and sculptures. He was the 29th descendant of Chinggis Khan and spent a great deal of his time at Tuvhun Monastery for mediation and creating his art and sculptures. If you are interested more in his art and Buddhist heritage, Zanabazar Fine Art Museum in Ulaanbaatar is the best place. Four hours of trekking in Mt. Shiree Ulaan will be rewarded with a centuries-old Buddhist temple to explore and an astonishing view of Khangai Moutain Range.

Your journey will continue to Tsenkher, a natural hot spring resort in the middle of a beautiful alpine meadow. Make yourself at home in a ger camp and relax in a hot spring pool. You will have an optional walking and horse riding day around the wooded area.

Tsenkher Hot Spring
Tsenkher Shiveet Maikan Max W1024h720

Drive to Kharkhorin in the morning. Visit Kharkhorum museum where you will see the remarkable archaeological discoveries of the 13th century Kharkhorum, the capital city of the Mongol Empire. Witness the daily chanting of Buddhist Monks in the stunning Erdenezuu Monastery. Mongolia’s first Buddhist monastery, Erdenezuu, survived through Mongolia’s troubled past, such as the war between Oirat and Khalkha Mongols in the 17th century and Stalinist purges in the 1930s.

Kharakhorum Museum
Roof Of Erdene Zuu Monastery

You will have a relatively long drive ahead to Hustai National Park on paved road. Wildlife exploration in Hustai National Park will be one of the highlights of the trip where you will encounter the wild horse ‘Takhi’, the only wild species of the horse in the world. Takhi, the Mongolian wild horse or Przewalski’s horse, was reintroduced in the 1990s, and many wild creatures, including red deer, argali sheep, ibex, and Mongolian gazelle have inhabited in the national park since then.  You will visit a hospitable nomadic family in the buffer zone of Hustai National Park. Enjoy your evening experiencing the centuries-old nomadic way of living and its adaptation to 21st century’s technological boom.

Overnight in a guest ger of the nomadic family

Hustai National Park1
Mongolian Gazelle Hustai

The daily chores of nomads are tied around livestock animals, starting from milking the cows in the morning and making dairy products throughout the day, requiring constant labour. Livestock grazes on the open plain from sunrise to sunset and is brought to the encampment in the evening. Optional horse riding available for you to grasp the idea of nomadic man’s duty. Give your best try to making organic yoghurt, cheese, cream, butter that form a large part of the Mongolian’s summer diet.

Milking A Cow
Summer Encampment

After a short drive to Ulaanbaatar, you will check into your hotel. Mongolia’s bustling capital city, Ulaanbaatar has much to offer its visitors. You can spend your time at boutique shops, trendy restaurants, fashion shows, and folk and pop concerts. Buddhist culture has got a strong presence in Ulaanbaatar. In the evening, enjoy a folk concert by Tumen Eh Ensemble followed by farewell dinner.

Overnight hotel in Ulaanbaatar

Img 9159
Bogd Khaan Winter Palace
Ddc 7743

Today you will be transferred back to Ulaanbaatar International Airport for your flight back home.

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