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YellowWood Adventures specialises in trekking and adventure holidays in the exceptional destinations of Ethiopia, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Mongolia & Kashmir. We believe the best way to experience a country is on foot, so our trips are tailored for all abilities, regardless of hiking experience or age.

Safaris and Tours

9 days from $1,858 p/p in USD Departures: May

Bale Mountains

    The Sanetti Plateau in Ethiopia's Bale Mountains is the Rooftop of Africa; the highest plateau on the continent. On this incredible adventure we will walk across it, viewing its beautiful wildlife including mountain nyala, Ethiopian red wolf, impala, warthogs and colobus monkeys.
9 days from $2,209 p/p in USD Departures: Oct

Assassins' Castles Mountain Adventure

    On this unique tour we will walk in the footsteps of history amidst some of the most beautiful, remote mountain scenery on earth, which for centuries has been the stronghold of rebels, heroes and… assassins.
9 days from $1,934 p/p in USD Departures: Nov

Lalibela & Simien Mountains

    The Simien Mountains are the most majestic of all Ethiopia’s ranges, with mind-blowing views for miles around of flat-topped ambas of stone. You will see endemic wildlife including the Gelada baboon and Walia ibex and at Lalibela explore the mesmerising 13th century rock-hewn churches.
9 days from $1,770 p/p in USD Departures: Jun

Tian Shan Mountains Classic

    This classic and popular route provides you with some of the very best trekking opportunities amid the incredible natural beauty of Kyrgyzstan’s Tian Shan Mountains; alpine valleys, snow-capped peaks, glacial lakes and hot springs as well as staying in a nomad's traditional yurt.
15 days from $2,529 p/p in USD Departures: Nov

Simien & Gheralta Mountains

    On this trip journey across two of Ethiopia's finest mountain ranges; the Simien Mountains with unparalleled views of the great natural amba towers of stone and the Gheralta Mountains where pious monks carved churches way up high into its mountainsides.
9 days from $1,814 p/p in USD Departures: Sep

Lalibela & Gheralta Mountains

    On this stunning Ethiopian adventure explore ancient rock-hewn churches carved into the mountainsides, camp in beautifully situated campsites, meet the locals and learn about their culture as our route takes us through villages and farmsteads, rarely visited by foreigners.

Company Profile

Our itineraries are designed to offer you a fully immersive experience with a balance of accommodation in tents, yurts, mountain lodges and hotels. When trekking all your supplies are transported via vehicles and pack animals so you won’t have to carry a thing. We explore responsibly and sustainably by always using local guides and staff to make sure we are giving back to the communities that we travel through.

Bringing solo travellers and small groups together to discover the road less travelled.


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