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Jambo! Karibu (welcome) to Wild Petals Tours, creating safaris to experience nature’s scenic beauty as well as the rich and diverse cultural backgrounds of our destinations. Our name is associated with flora and fauna, its beauty and fragility, and its amazing place in the wild which we want you to embrace and experience. 

Safaris and Tours

6 days from $1,670 p/p in USD Departures: Year Round

Nairobi, Amboseli, Naivasha & Mara Safari

    With its mix of fantastic wildlife and rich cultural heritage, experience a small slice of Kenya on this 6-day safari, sleeping in bush lodges or camps, searching for wildlife, listening to the noises of the African night and looking up at the beautiful star-studded sky.
6 days from $1,320 p/p in USD Departures: Year Round

Nairobi, Amboseli, Nakuru & Mara Safari

    This 6-day safari takes in some of the best safari highlights Kenya has to offer; Amboseli known for its herds of elephants, Nakuru with its flamingo-lined lake and the Masai Mara, home of Africa's largest populations of lions.
5 days from $1,335 p/p in USD Departures: Year Round

5-Day Masai Mara Safari

    Kenya is a must for wildlife enthusiasts with the Masai Mara one of its best loved reserves. It's the home of Africa's largest population of lions and the staging ground of the great migration of wildebeest, one of the most spectacular natural events, which takes place from July to October.

Company Profile

We custom design tour packages and create safari itineraries that suit your budget, needs and wants. We offer all types of holidays including luxury, budget, adventure, cultural, honeymoons and safaris in destinations we know well including Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, South Africa and Namibia. 




  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • Zanzibar
  • Uganda
  • South Africa
  • Namibia


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