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The Responsible Safari Company (RSC) is a specialist expedition company working in Educational, Sustainable, Philanthropic & Experiential Travel. Operating exclusively in Malawi, we work with Schools, Universities, Charities, Businesses & Individuals creating highly bespoke expeditions which connect people with the world as Global Citizens.

Safaris and Tours

9 days from $1,850 p/p in USD Departures: Year Round

Global Development Workshops

    Join a group trip to Malawi and learn about the challenges faced by developing countries through educating and engaging workshops. Choose an all encompassing overview or focus on one or two areas such as wildlife, environmental conservation or healthcare.
8 days from $1,935 p/p in USD Departures: Oct

Dusty Tracks: Malawi Family Expedition

    A peaceful, welcoming, warm hidden slice of Africa, Malawi is ideal for an off the beaten track family travel destination. It’s peaceful history and good transport infrastructure make it easy and safe to get around and its raw culture and welcoming smiles will enthral your children.
8 days from $1,700 p/p in USD Departures: Aug, Sep

Women's Malawi Expedition

    Be inspired, create new partnerships and share your skills on this incredible Malawi expedition. Understand more about the key role of women in Malawi and the effects this can have on the development of rural communities.

Company Profile

The Responsible Safari Company (RSC) is a Social Enterprise Tour Operator based in Blantyre, Malawi specialising in Sustainable, Educational, Philanthropic & Experiential Group Travel to the country. Operating since 2008, RSC provides specialised planning and logistical support for School Expeditions, University Field Trips, Charity & Adventure Challenges, Donor and CSR Groups as well as Independent Travellers. Specialising in tailored Educational Workshops & Challenge Events, RSC work in partnership with inspiring Community Initiatives offering immersive learning opportunities for students & businesses to gain an insight into key global challenges facing rural communities in Africa. We are committed to creating sustainable growth through social enterprise, reducing the dependence on the aid industry and driving tourism generated income to rural communities.

  • We believe in the potential of Malawi’s people and that empowering them via tourism offers a chance to develop out of the poverty cycle.
  • We believe that when promoting a fragile destination you need to ensure the benefits reach the local communities.
  • We are committed to building the local economy in Malawi. By employing local people and creating sustainable growth through social enterprise, we aim to reduce the dependence on the aid industry.
  • We believe in balance. Our tailored, educational and culturally diverse experiences awaken minds and inspire future generations.
  • We believe that everyone should take the chance to #bepartofsomething.

Partnerships include

  • Malawi Tourism Association
  • Malawi Travel Marketing Consortium
  • Tourism Concern
  • The International Ecotourism Society
  • ATTA (Africa Travel & Tourism Association)
  • Council for Learning Outside the Classroom
  • Scotland Malawi Partnership
  • Unashamedly Ethical
  • Classrooms for Malawi





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