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Discover some of Iran’s scenic gems; stay in Subatan village, deep in the Hyrcanian forests which is home to a wide variety of wildlife and birds, explore the city of Talesh and visit spectacular Anzali Lagoon on the Caspian Sea before heading to the remarkable stepped village of Masouleh. Overnights are spent in a mixture of hotels and local houses.

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  • Safari types:
    Cultural Safari, Guided Safari, Wildlife Safari
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    Walking Safari
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    Transfer Vehicle
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    Start in Tehran International Airport, end in Tehran International Airport


The Hyrcanian Forests

The Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests ecoregion is an area of lush lowland and montane forests covering about 55,000 square kilometres (21,000 sq mi) near the southern shores of the Caspian Sea of Iran and Azerbaijan.

The forests are home to a high diversity of animals. Up to 60 mammal species plus 340 bird, 67 fish, 29 reptile and 9 amphibian species occur in various habitats of the region, including forest, rangelands and wetlands. The Caspian tiger, the largest carnivore of Iran, became extinct 20 years ago. Other mammals which still inhabit the area but which have also declined dramatically include the Caucasus leopard, Eurasian lynx, brown bear, wolf, golden jackal, jungle cat and common otter. The red deer, once widely distributed across the Caspian Hyrcanian landscape, has reduced in number to 1,100 individuals, mainly found in forest meadows, which serve as a good grazing ground for many mammal species including the brown bear and Indian crested porcupine.

The Caspian Hyrcanian forests are listed as an IBA. The landscape lies along an important migratory route between Russia and Africa and is a resting area for many birds as they migrate. A total of 340 bird species occur in the region, with 53 % migrants and 47 % residents. 80 % are water birds, which are attracted to the region by its wetlands and extensive large water bodies with many permanent rivers. Some important indicator species of the Caspian Hyrcanian forests and confined to this region are: the lesser spotted eagle, Eurasian honey buzzard, greater spotted woodpecker, black woodpecker, Caspian tit and coal tit.


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Day by Day Overview

Early morning arrival, transfer from Tehran to Talesh and stay overnight in Sepidar Hotel.

Drive to the village of Subatan in the highlands, one of the famous regions in Talesh in northern Iran and one of the most beauiful places in the country. It attracts visitors who are interested in nature and eco-tourism and is a cool place to escape the summer heat of the plains. Accommodation will be in the local houses of Subatan for two days­. The plan is to visit the spectacular areas of Subatan, deep in Hyrcanian forests, covered by many attractions such as ­flowers, butterflies, wildlife and birds. We will also walk and visit local tribes and nomads. After that, on the way back to the city, we will follow one of the valleys and will ride horses to the first hotel on the Caspian Sea (or drive). Also, we will visit Lisar protected areas. Return from Subatan to Talesh. Overnight stay in Sepidar Hotel.

Enjoy sightseeing in the city of Talesh and visiting the Caspian Sea. As well as enjoying the time in Talesh, there is a lovely forest with road access from Asalem to Khalkhal, one of the most famous and beautiful mountains of the world.

Drive from Talesh to Anzali port and visit the spectacular areas of Anzali Lagoon in the Caspian Sea. After that, see local and migratory birds and stay in local houses in Anzali city.

We will drive from Anzali port to the stepped village of Masouleh. On the way, we will visit the city of Fuman, Plus there is the possibility of visiting one of the tea factories or tea farms or Rudkhan Castle, before continuing to Masouleh. This place is one of the most scenic villages in Iran and one of the most famous stepped villages in the world, set among the Hyrcanian forests in the Caspian sea of Iran. Overnight stay in a local house.

Drive from ­Masouleh ­region to Tehran. On the way, visit one of the most famous museums of rural heritage in Fuman­. Then continue driving to Tehran and transfer directly to Imam Khomeini Airport Hotel before your final departure from Imam Khomeini airport.

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