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Tour Type

Tour Type

Independent, Small Group

Safari Standard

Safari Standard

Camping, Mid Range

Tour Overview

There is so much to experience in Iran’s desert. It’s not all about sand and sun but the peaceful, silent, relaxing and natural atmosphere that makes deserts so fascinating. Iran is the most ideal destination for nature lovers. Everywhere you look, there is something that calls you:  Dasht-e Kavir and Lut Deserts are the two important deserts of Iran divided into smaller parts with different names and features. Shahdad Desert is uninhabited due to the heat and dryness, so it is still quite clear and untouched. On the contrary, the internal deserts of Iran were occupied by people for many years, in Garmah you will experience the best desert lifestyle in a real oasis.

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General Information

  • Safari types:
    Camping Safari, Cultural Safari, Desert Safari, Guided Safari
  • You will visit:
    Lut Desert, Isfahan, Shiraz, Necropolis, Persepolis, Pasargadae, Tehran, Kashan, Abarkuh, Yazd, Kaluts, Kerman, Zeinoddin, Varzaneh Desert, Mesr Desert
  • Activities:
    Trekking, Camel, Nature Walk, Sightseeing Tour, Optional Activities, Village Visit, 4x4 Tour, Canyoning
  • Getting around:
    4x4 Safari Vehicle, Transfer Vehicle
  • Start/end:
    Start/end in Tehran, Iran
  • Minimum age:

Price Per Person – EUR

From EUR 1,800 per person

What's Included

  • All accommodation in a double room (based on Home Stay, Guest House, 3 Star and 4 Star Hotel)
  • 17 breakfasts
  • Professional English Speaker tour guide
  • One domestic flight from Shiraz to Tehran
  • All entrance fees for activities as per itinerary
  • Iranian sim card with internet
  • All airport transfers
  • Private transfers
  • Insurance
  • Visa services

What's Excluded

  • International airfares
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Tipping
  • Visa extensions


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Day by Day Overview

Welcome to Iran! On arrival you will meet your driver or guide and after check in to the hotel you have some time to take a rest and get ready for the next plan. We are going to visit some of the Tehran tourism spots, which will give a better vision of this country and its hospitable people. Take a short walking in Tajris Square, the Iranian public center, then spend a few hours visiting Sa’dabad Complex – the center of Iranian modern art and architecture. Enjoy a healthy dinner in Darband, a natural park at the northern Tehran.

Overnight: Tehran

This morning you will experience some of the iconic places of Great Tehran. Your professional guide will accompany you to the Carpet Museum and Azadi Complex, where you can see the two great art of Iranians, Persian carpet and Persian Architecture. We’ll then visit Grand Bazaar of Tehran, Golestan Palace and National Museum of Iran. The first one is the oldest commercial center in Tehran with incredible architecture, the second one is the UNESCO registered site of Tehran, a complex of Persian gardens and palaces and the last one is the richest collection of historical data in west Asia. The rest of the day you’ll be free to explore Tehran or just relax in the hotel.

Overnight: Tehran

Departing Tehran towards Dasht-e Kavir, we make a stop in Damqan. There we will visit an archaeological site, Tape Hessar, which is very important in the northeastern part of Iran. Next, you will have the opportunity to see one of the oldest mosques of Iran, Tarikhaneh, in which you can find how the Sassanian style of architecture affected the Islamic architecture during next centuries. Then we go to see Chehl Dokhtar Tower: be ready for interesting stories about this structure.

Overnight: Damqan

Next morning, we leave Damqan to Mesr Desert in Isfahan province. Iranians named the desert Mesr (the Arabic spelling of Egypt) because this area has the same characteristics of Egypt Desert. There is a seasonal Salt Lake near Mesr, a unique phenomenon which attracts many tourists annually. On the way, we make a stop in Jandaq and Khor. The oases in these two places are so beautiful they are often chosen as filming locations by famous directors.

Overnight: Mesr

This is going to be a long day to Tabas, but we plan to stay at least a few hours in other deserts on our road. Our first destination is Garmeh, the real oasis of Iran, covered by palm gardens next to the sand dunes. Sit by the fresh springs, stretch your legs and listen to the birds singing. After, Garmeh we head to Bayaziyeh where there is a great castle featuring the elements of Persia desert architecture. Then we head to Tabas where we visit Golshan Garden, Kal-e Jeni and Morteza Ali Canyon. Our final destination is Ezmiqan village, one of the dramatic villages of Iran. You don’t expect to see a place in the middle of a desert where the local people grow rice. Rice needs water for evapo-transpiration, seepage and percolation, as well as management practices such as land preparation and drainage, but due to the permanent rivers, this village is different from other villages in the desert and is the only place where you can see dates and rice growing together. The area is divided into two dry and humid parts, one in which dates are planted and the other is suitable for planting rice.

Overnight: Ezmiqan Village

This morning you leave Tabas to Nayband oasis to experience the icons of an Iranian oasis. We make a stop in Deyhok, where you can see the magnificent Deyhok castle. We’ll then visit Esfahak, a unique oasis surrounded by soaring palm trees, definitely worth a visit. The old part of Esfahak was destroyed after an earthquake (1978) but the new village has been built and developed after this horrible event, because of its irregular view, the old part became a tourist attraction since. Then we head to Nayband oasis, the best place to get lost in the desert. The village is important for some reasons such as its landscape which show the interaction of human and nature very well, its wildlife sanctuary which is one of the richest in Iran. You will spend a night in a perfectly developed eco lodge there.

Overnight: Eco Lodge, Nayband Oasis

Be ready for an 8-hour drive from Neyband to Shahdad. It is long way but well worth  it because you are going to visit one of the popular deserts of the world, Shahdad in Lut Desert. The desert is the home of the ancient civilization of Shahdad, the hottest desert on earth and the richest desert due to the verity of natural phenomena like kaluts, rocks and slat lakes. You will spend a night in a developed eco lodge where you will experience a delicious local supper by the fire.

Overnight: Eco Lodge, Shahdad

This morning we travel to the city of Kerman. En-route we will visit Mahan and Rayen. Two important destinations in Kerman province. In Mahan we will visit Shazde garden, one of the most exotic scenes in Iran, where you can see how a Persian garden was built and developed in the middle of a desert. The principle of Persian gardening had been perfectly applied by the architectures to create this magnificent collection of art and beauty. Then we head out to Mausoleum of Shah Nematolah Vali, the Iranian respectful noble and poet. His tomb has become a tourism attraction for its incredible architecture. Rayen castle is another destination we are going to visit. The castle displays all the architectural elements of a desert citadel. A good spot to take some memorable shots along with a great opportunity for Persian architecture. Then we continue our way to Kerman.

Overnight: Kerman

After breakfast, we have a guided tour of the city where we will be visiting Ganjali Khan Complex and Zoroastrian Museum. The Ganjali khan complex includes magnificent structures dating back to Safavid such as school, plaza, mosque, bathhouse mint and bazaar. This is the most famous land mark of Kerman. Then we go to see the Zoroastrian heritage in Kerman museum. In the evening we set off on our travel to the Meymand village, a UNESCO World Heritage site dating back to at least 2000 years ago. The cultural landscape of Meymand displays the lifestyle of villagers who are semi-nomadic agro-pastoralists, living in temporary settlements in spring and autumn in lower parts of the valley in cave dwellings carved out of the soft rock.

Overnight: Meymand

Leaving the desert, we move on to Sirjan, the historical city west of Kerman, and then continue our way to Fars province. We will visit Stone Garden (or Bagh-e Sangi), an existing garden created by a man (Darvish Khan) who planned to build it for protesting against the wrong decisions of the government (land reforms) which resulted in the destruction of trees. He carried the boulders from the mountains and hung them to the dead trees. This story inspired the Iranian director, Parviz Kimiavi to direct a movie based on this story in 1976, which won the Silver Bear prize in Berlin film festival. Next, we visit Capoghi Wind Catcher of Sirjan, a unique form of wind catchers in Iran as similar to a kind of pipe for smoking tobacco. The afternoon can be spent exploring the Pink Lake (Maharloo lake), walking alongside the lake and enjoy the charm of it when it changes its color as the sun slowly moves from east to west. Continue the way to Shiraz.

Overnight: Shiraz

This is a desert tour but you are not going to spend all the time in deserts! Shiraz is the inseparable part of every Persian tour. This eastern city buzzing with activity, tradition, foods and architectural style of its own. Our tour guide will introduce you to the city and its many historic sites, including Narenjestan and Eram Garden, Nasirol Molk Mosque, Tomb of Saadi and Hafez (two of the most famous poets in Iran), Vakil mosque, Vakil Bazaar, Shah Cheragh holy shrine and Karimkhan castle. Get ready and join us for an epic tour in Shiraz! We are going to hit some of best Shiraz tourism spots.

Overnight: Shiraz

Depart Shiraz to Yazd, on the way enjoying a full day to further explore the history of Pars. The Persepolis complex, as a magnificent memorial of Great Achaemenian Kings and UNESCO World Heritage site displays its massive structures adorned with stone reliefs and inscriptions. Move on to see the Naghsh-e Rostam Necropolis, a collection of stone reliefs and Achaemenid king’s tombs. Finally we visit Pasargadae, the first capital of the Persian Achaemenian dynasty including palaces, gardens, Tall-e Takht, tomb, Zendan, the stone plinths etc. Situated on a plain northeast of Persepolis. This area was home of Achaemenian families for many years even before it was chosen by Cyrus the Great (reigned 559–c. 529 BCE) as his capital and throne. Today after the tour, we’re off to the UNESCO registered historical city, Yazd.

Overnight: Yazd

We start our tour early in the morning, walking through the old part of Yazd. Visit and explore the historical sites of Yazd where the magnificent examples of Iranian architecture are laid. Get ready to hear the story of a historical city, all of its beauties and memories from your tour guide. We are going to visit Old town, Jameh Mosque, Dowlatabad Garden, Amir Chaqmaq complex, Zoroastrian Towers of Silence and Fire Temple. Don’t forget to ready your camera for some memorable shots of Yazd.

Overnight: Yazd

Early in the morning we depart Yazd to Varzaneh Desert. On the way we make a stop in some tourism cities and spots like Kharanaq Village, Chak Ckak the main Holy Temple of Zoroastrian and Jame Mosque of Naein. Karanagh is a good destination for those who want to see a historical but developed village dating back to atleast 2000 years ago. Chack Chack is the holiest shrine of Zoroastrians and the most important center for Zoroastrian Pilgrimage related events.  We continue to Varzaneh, a small city near Isfahan.

Overnight: Varzaneh

Most Iranians know Varzaneh because of the beautiful and distinctive white scarves that woman use for their hijab, quite in contrary to similar scarves which are black. We go to see Gavchah, which refers to traditional mills driven by Zebu cows while their owners were singing an especial song. We visit Jame Historical Mosque of Varzaneh and Dovecote (Pigeon Tower) and in the afternoon we go to watch the sunset over Salt Lake to get lost in the beauty of its pure nature.

Overnight: Isfahan

Enchanting Isfahan, the capital of Persian tourism, has developed alongside the river of Zayandeh Rud. In the morning, be prepared to go to Naqsh-e Jahan square and its incredible buildings such as Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace and Handicraft Bazaar of Qaisarieh. Then we head to visit the most beautiful Persian garden of Isfahan, Chehel Sotoun. In the evening, visit the bridges of Khajoo and Siosepol (33 Pol), do not miss out on taking a walk over the bridges while you are listening to the sound of water. Then spend a delightful time in Vank Cathedral and Armenian district of Isfahan and gather good information about this important community of Iran.

Overnight: Isfahan

In the morning keep on driving to the ancient city of Kashan. On the way, we make a stop in Abyaneh village, another unique village in the middle of desert which is shining like an agate for its red structures. In Kashan, we visit the magnificent Broujerdiha house, the best example of Persian manner houses or mansions. In Jameh mosque of Kashan, you will find out about the history of the city during the Islamic era. Then have a short walk through traditional bazaar of Kashan and see the best quality of Iranian productions. Next, we will visit Fin garden (UWHS), dating back to 1590.

Overnight: Kashan

Driving to Qom, we will make a stop in Fatima Masumeh Shrine and Jamkaran mosque. Two important shrines for Shiite Muslims of Iran. All these historical structures have their own features and show the creativity of Iranian architectures during centuries. Qom is the most religious city of Iran, where we overnight.

Overnight: Qom

Departing Qom to Tehran. Say goodbye to Iran and take a flight back to home. Make sure you upload the highlights of our Iran Desert Tour onto your social media accounts and we look forward to seeing you again.

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