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St Helena Gets More Connected

St Helena Gets More Connected

The St Helena Government has just announced the new and improved flight schedule for the Summer of 2019/20. The regular Saturday schedule will remain and be suplemented by an additional service on Tuesday, from December 2019 through to May 2020.

This is peak season for St Helena and with the recent marketing and PR campaigns winning over new tourists to the island, this additional flight is designd to meet the demand from more travellers. It will also offer more flexibility to tourists when planning their holidays, allowing them to stay for 3,4 or 7 days (or multiples of!)

This is fantatstic news and the Director of Tourism, Helena Bennett, had this to say:

“It is fantastic news that we are able to announce to the travel trade that the mid-week flights will continue for the summer of 2019/2020. This will allow potential tourists, business people and friends and relatives overseas, the opportunity to plan their trip to our wonderful Island and home."

Councillor Lawson Henry, Chairman of the Economic Development Committee also commented :

“This is good news for St Helena and those wishing to travel here during this time. This is the kind of planning that needs to go into building a tourist destination and I hope it will bring much needed confidence and stimulus into our economy, particularly the hospitality sector. I would like to thank our partners in DFID for their support.”

The final bits of the planning are being signed off and then the details and information about the extact timings and booking availibility will be published.

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