African Wildlife Foundation – The illegal wildlife trade

The African Wildlife Foundation will be convening, in partnership with the European Atlantic Group on Tuesday 9 October at the House of Commons 14.00-16.00.

As a bit of background, the event coincides with the IWT conference that is being sponsored by the United Kingdom government on 11-12th. October. AWF’s President, Kaddu Sebunya, will speak about the impact of the illegal wildlife trade across the continent of Africa and the role of African leaders in stepping up to the challenge of tackling IWT. A panel of African leaders from governments and pan-African institutions will then speak on:

  • The importance of wildlife to African leaders – where wildlife sits in the agenda (Agenda 2063, development plans, identity and legacy)
  • The threat that IWT poses to those values
  • What African governments have achieved since 2014 in countering IWT threats
  • The priorities for the years ahead

The African Wildlife Foundation is a pan-African conservation organisation dedicated to ensuring that wildlife and wild lands thrive in modern Africa. Founded in 1961 and headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, AWF implements programs to safeguard species, protect habitat, and enable people to thrive in wildlife rich lands across Africa.

The European-Atlantic Group is one of the longest serving, non-aligned, non-party, groups associated with Westminster.  It was founded in 1954 to provide an informal arena in which to consider International Relations with a specific remit to concentrate on issues arising out of the Trans-Atlantic Relationship. The interests and activities of America and Europe of necessity always are wide ranging so, from the first and up to the present, E-AG briefing topics cover controversial and significant matters arising in any quarter of the globe.

This will be a great forum to hear the experts from AWF talk on the illegal wildlife trade and visit an iconic London building. If you are nterested in attending then please get hold of the event coordinator:

Celia Matthews

Event/Group Coordinator

Email  events@eag.org.uk

Tel:  07881818043

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